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  1. So I was booked for a birthday party earlier today in DC later this month. It's a birthday party which is themed "50's Murder/Mystery"

    So, I'm looking for suggestions as far as what I should wear.

    Let me hear em! :D
  2. I am so glad you didn't ask "what should I perform?"

    As for what you should wear...Dick Tracy has a snazzy outfit that should fit the theme quite well. ;)
  3. Performance wise I'm all set really, I just plan to keep it to strolling because the bday girl is a good friend of mine and I don't want to steal the spotlight from her.

    I'll check that out!
  4. Jack the Ripper. Totally.
  5. the fonz

    50's eh.......hmm, I would recommend dressing up like a greaser (or fonzy)
  6. lmao. Sadly I feel that I would have explain myself for the entire evening.
  7. What a coincidence!!! I just did one like two weeks ago!!! I weared a godfather style hat and a white Tony Montana style suit :p. The old school gangster style always goes well with magic in my opinion.
  8. 1950s eh? Try this... :D
  9. definatly go old school mobster i personally love to wear fedoras they r awesome
  10. do what i do whenever i go to a birthday party. where your birthday suit :D
  11. A hippy thinking of the future.
  12. I totally agree with Jorobarts 5 :)
  13. hahaha. i thought you were gonna say "do what do I owe the favor......."lol
  14. I think it would be neat to dress as a magician from the Blackstone, or Doug Henning...I mean, both were young at that time, but could dress up as the "spirit" of Houdini...and say, if Houdini would have lived past 1926, he would have looked and done magic like this.

    I also agree with the post after yours was SO nice to NOT read...WHAT TRICKS SHOULD I DO?
  15. Did they ask that you dress up, or is it something you're doing on your own?
  16. Well, it is a party for a friend of mine as well. I'd like to be dressed appropriately for the theme.
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    remember what jikh and bayme wore for kenners party?

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