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    Hey everyone,

    So, over the winter holiday I participated in an event called Trixmas and I had a great time catching up with old friends and made a bunch of new people as well.

    For those who don't know what Trixmas is, it was an event that was held in Langley, BC, Canada for Trickers. It isn't an event for magicians but for those who love to literally defy gravity. After watching the video I am attaching to this thread you'll know what i mean. ;]

    Why am I telling you what I did over my holiday? Well, because I love tricking as much as I love magic and I thought that I'd share with you, the community, that I have other interests and hobbies that I enjoy along with my magic. It was only today after stumbling upon one of the videos from the event that I thought that I should post this because I'm sure that many others of you have other hobbies too. Not just magic.

    So my question to you the magic community do you have any other skills and interests? Because I think that it is great to be diverse and open to other artforms outside of magic/cardistry. Anyway, I'll leave you with the videos that sparked me to start this thread. (At the end of the first vid, there is someone recorded me performing thread. =D)


  2. I like girls. And long walks on the beach. And stuff, yeah. And that Sean_Raf fellow is pretty cool. I wish I were him. *sigh*

    Probably my biggest love is acting... I've loved being on stage, and being in front of camera for as long as I've known these two worlds... I love the intimacy of theatre, the life, the interaction, the spontaneity, the connection and the sense of play. I love the elegance of film, the expansiveness, the imagery, the reality, the pay :)P), the potential and the beautiful portrayal of a world.

    As for pictures and videos... If, which I highly doubt, anyone is actually interested, look for yourself or send me a PM :p
  3. aw the tricking looks totally freaking awesome man.
    other hobbies...
    I play the tenor sax, drums, guitar, bass, photography, digital graphics, creating art works (dont really focus on any type such as painting or origami or wtvr, just art), making puzzles, and Jeet Kun Dou (which is the style of fighting Bruce Lee developed), cooking, and doing nothing for periods of time.
  4. I write lyrics for, and sing in a band. I'm also learning guitar.
    I read, write short stories and poetry, and do a lot of illustration for various things. I love film and comedy. I love the DIY punk scene and frequent local hardcore and punk shows.
    I like to exercise and have a huge interest in vegetarian culture and cuisine.
    I like to get tattooed as much as possible :)

  5. These days I don't get a chance to do much other than magic... (he says it like it's a bad thing :p)

    But I do a lot of graphic design inside and outside the industry, you can catch some older stuff on my site, I like to play on photoshop for pennies :)

    I've got a diploma in music technology, I studied sound engineering and design for a number of years and as well as this enjoy listening to, seeing live music and putting on events in the Alt scene over here.

    I'm also an avid horror fan, I have quadrillions of DVDs from the classics, to the hollywood stuff to the no-budgets, it's allll good. I'm also a fan of sean fields, but there's alot of similarities there, blood, mutilation, suspense... ;)

    I also enjoy just living life, meeting people and the like. I don't drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke.

    I suppose that's more of an insight into me personally than a list of hobbies, but alas, I let my fingers do the writing!:p

  6. Magic, reading, acting, reading, eating and acting. Think that covers everything. And then, of course, there's my subhobbies, which include more magic, more reading, more eating, making an idiot out of myself (great fun :p) and sleeping. And going home at the end of schooltime. What more is there to life?
  7. I've always loved acting. I majored in theater and minored in psychology at school. On some weird level, I feel that the two disciplines really complimented one another. I enjoy people-watching, observing how people think and make decisions, and then replicating that conflict onstage. Like others have said, I think acting is a great way to see the world and understand it through a multitude of different perspectives.

    I'm a huge writer. Perhaps you can tell from the excessively long responses I post on these bloody forums. Again, I think it's a great way to express oneself creatively while seeing how the world operates. I write short stories, poems, plays, and even movie scripts. I'm sure the majority of them are awful, but I still find satisfaction in doing it all for fun. Maybe someday I'll pursue writing more seriously.

    I'm dance Salsa. Girls love it.

    Other than that, I'm into sports. I'm an avid MMA wrestler. I like wall-climbing. I run long distance to keep in shape. Anything that pushes me to a physical or mental edge will always be something I try at least once. I think it's an important balance to keep mentally and physically active.


  8. Other than magic, I guess my other hobbies include drawing comics, martial arts, billiards, motorsports and reading. However, due to commitments with school, I can only squeeze in time for magic and exercises. If there are no time constraints I would like to publish my own comic series. :(
  9. I play Alto Sax (8 yrs)
    I've been in the MLG for the past 3 yrs but I'm finished with it.
    Network Security is my major and I do graphics designing on the side
    Written a few books here and there but I have no intentions on publishing...

    That's about it.
  10. Ah - Nothing like hobbies that don't make me look suspicious, huh?

    Snowboarding is my passion. Nothing, I repeat, nothing in the world compares to the exhilerating feeling you get when you look down the slope, on the top of a stranded norwegian mountain top, to the kicker at the bottom.

    Inhale, Exhale.

    There's no one around you, just you, your board, and the mountain.

    Inhale, Exhale.

    Slowly tell yourself you can do it, then ride down to air it.



    EDIT: Except for that refreshing feeling you get when Sean Rafael quotes you. It send tinglings down my spine.
  11. I am on a crew team (rowing).
  12. Snowboarding and surfing are my two main passions besides magic.
    I travel all around for snow and surf and nothing compares. G::Wadstrand covered it better than I could have ever.

    I also am an avid swimmer and waterpolo player. Tennis is another sport on my list.
    Music is the #1 influence in my life and I love playing guitar, bass, drums.
    Lastly I volunteer at the Emergency room and Hospitals because I am in a medical academy for school.

    All the best

    No, I have other interests... I absolutely LOVE acting, have done a few plays, it's always a blast, doing Shakespeare is a lot of fun but more modern pieces are my forte. I love the freedom of expression!

    I also enjoy directing and editing videos, movies, etc. It's yet another creative outlet for me.

    Aside from that, I enjoy studying and watching comedy, playing Golf, writing (virtually anything, but mostly short stories), and music. My favourite artist is Bruce Springsteen, and I'm PUMPED for his brand new album coming out in a few days!
  14. My other interest/passions are Filmmaking,Cinematograpy,Acting in plays and short films,film critiquing,Photography,girls,Hardcore dancing at shows,playing electric guitar(started piano a few weeks ago)
  15. My only other hobby besides magic would be writing, directing, and editing short films. Also I am a huge movie buff if that counts, basically anything related to film, I enjoy.
  16. I rock climb, which is really fun. I do it competitevly and recreationally.
    I play airsoft. That's pretty sweet. It's like a videogame, but you actually get to shoot people. (obviously not with bullets)
    Animating. I animate weapons for games like CS:S.
    Umm... reading too I guess?
    Also, I play video games a lot. If you can call that a hobby :p
  17. magic and flourishing is more of a time burner to my main recreation, powerlifting. Love it, nothing like moving heavy ass weight, gives you some major callouses, but that probably explains why the classic palm came so naturally to me.
  18. I like to work out, mainly run. Taking photos. Filming. I also like rock music. And last but not least Girls
  19. Motocross. Hands down. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush to lining up on the gate against 40 other racers, all gunning for the first turn. Magic is what I'm good at, but racing is what I love.

    And golf. I'm good at golfing too. :p
  20. oh gee im gonna be dead origanal, I like film making... oh damn...

    and I know, I like magic, ha, Im so much more originals than any of YOU... oh damn

    okay, I like flourishing (bet you dont know what THAT is huh!), I like film making (so THERE), I like acting (see, im SO much more intresting that you people), I like bike riding (if you wanted to know), I like "working out" (exept I cant be arsed to remember most of the time), I like... girls (THE girl - wink wink nudge nudge), I like painting (because im an artsy fartsy idiot), I like... sleeping (my passion, my "true calling", nothing compares, magic is an affair. sleeping is my true love)

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