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  1. I Just attending this wedding

    I thought I could start with Invisible touch and then ring routine just to re-inforce magnetic energy yes I've been watching Finn Jon. Master of loops & ITR

    Ps Ring will not vanish just hover and move in and out of time as I need to introduce time travel as I have a card affect sealed with a signed card frozen in time encased in Ice link
  2. I wouldn't do anything with the couple's rings, personally. Ever. Not on their wedding night. I wouldn't even ask, because I know if I had someone ask to borrow my ring on my wedding night, I would have definitely said no. That's a symbol of their marriage, freshly 'coined' as it were. You'd better have a darn good reason to ask to use it in a magic trick.

    I have heard of people getting in trouble doing routines with rings. Like having someone lie and say you switched their ring for another one. Or if a gemstone pops out (My mom once had a diamond get eaten by a parrot, it's not that unusual for them to come loose). Or if somehow you damage it in any way. I will only do a routine with a ring if it will be in plain site at all times. Literally never covered at any point for any reason.
  3. I agree.

    I think it would still be powerful if you asked to borrow someonelse's ring, and have a strong patter.
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  4. I will use my own ring but the ring never move away from vision it's never vanished
  5. Yeah, that's probably the best thing.

    Just for reference though imagine this. Even if it isn't vanishing.
    It's your wedding. You are wearing your wedding ring. All of a sudden some one asks you "do you want to see some magic?". You say sure. Then they ask you to take your ring off on your wedding day. I mean... that's just kinda messed up.

    Plus, now they are worried about their ring, no longer on the trick.

    Not saying that you yourself would do such a thing. Just saying it for reference.
  6. it's all good
    it's my niece that's getting married. I wouldn't dream of asking for their wedding bands.
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  7. I am asking for this effect also - no one answered my question and it looks like no one has really answered yours...

    I want to know the fork Levitation he’s using - it’s my suspicion that it’s a “fake” fork
  8. Reel

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