How many decks do you have?

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  1. well i also love to grave guardians.
    But you really cant fan wynns?? Ive fanned those before when ive handled them so that still doesnt prove anything.
    When you grave new guardians they fan like butter because they are new. but guardians are the same stock,finish,etc. as a normal deck of bicycles.
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    EDIT: no need to be a jerk web, *smacks himself*

    a better cardist could do everything better than a lesser cardist no matter what the deck.

    but a lesser cardist could still fan better with a better deck. same goes for a better cardist.

    your comparing three variables. deck, cardist/magician, and deck age.

    all three will affect how well the deck performs. the deck does matter. but so does the cardist/magician. and so does the age of the deck

    ask Eostresh. he's on the penguin forums, the exo forums and here. but he just posted his reviews here. he is almost finished with a massive multi deck review. and he's eliminated the differing magician factor and the differing age factor by reviewing decks at multiple stages of life. . proving that all decks are not created equal.

    red wynns fan like crap, unless you powder them. i've seen proof. brown wynns are a different matter.
  3. So I'm completely out of touch with the HSPCC (High Society Playing Card Club) I don't know if one deck is out of print or why another deck is worth $300. I'm normal that way.

    Anyway, as I said before I use red Wynns and Guardians about 90% of the time. (I also never understood the debate about people thinking you're using trick decks if you're not using Riders....that's another topic). So I have a lot of a lot...because I have cards signed, ripped, etc in a lot of my tricks.

    One day last month, I accidentally came upon a thread somewhere that mentioned that Wynns were out of print. I was shocked. So I contacted the guy I usually buy Wynns from on eBay and sure enough they were out of print! I also found out how much each deck is worth now.

    The point is...soon I will be Powerful AND Rich.
  4. How much? (I have about 500 here I will never use)
  5. You complete me, Brad.
  6. Ya Texans are pretty cool. I don't use them all the time. But there a fun deck.

  7. As said by someone who really doesn't know what he is talking about. It isn't about a question of money, it is a question of quality. You can argue all you want, but the truth is, Tally Ho's are better than Aviators. There are higher quality cards, it isn't just a name brand. But of course anyone with two cents of knowledge with cards would be able to tell you that.
  8. And it's not just us who think this way. Many professional cardists and magicians alike use Tally-Hos excessively. Why? Because they're that good. Enough said.
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    Not the point of the thread at all, but thanks for the sarcasm. Noone said that more decks you have the better magician you will be. Some people just like cards. Do you have a problem with that? Reference the title of the thread...

    Visualartists, NO, not all decks are created equal. A carpenter would not build a house with a plastic hammer (a hammer is a hammer right?). A mechanic would not change motor oil with olive oil. (oil is oil, right?)

    If you can't feel the difference between different brands of cards, you must have some major calluses on your hands.
  10. How many decks do I have?

    Too Many:

    12 Studs
    5 Bikes (One opened, currently ripping it up and what-not)
    4 Tally-Hos
    3 Guardians
    2 Bees
    1 Bee Stinger (Opened)
    1 Smoke (Opened)
    1 Arcane (Opened, hate these cards)
    1 Ghost (Hate these cards too)
    1 Aviator
    1 Alcatraz Island souvenir deck (Opened)
    1 Rat Pack Deck (Opened)
    = 36

    During the school year I go through about one deck every two months, during Summer I use one every few days. I don't think a certain deck of cards can make anyone better, but a nicer deck can make performing more comfortable.
  11. He is just joking, nothing serious. Pure sarcasm for a good laugh =)
  12. wait, what? There's such things as "professional" cardists?

    I think the point visualartist is trying to make is that it's BS that certain moves such as fans and faros can only be done with certain decks, which it is. You shouldn't need a "better" deck to make your flourishing/magic better. That's bs.
    Not referring to deck condition by the way.
  13. I think we should gravitate to discussion on WHY we buy/have so many decks (those of us that do.)

    I mean come on, seriously, ive been in magic three months and i have 24 decks as i said earlier, only because i have money and i like the look of them and if i find out a deck is out of print i get them because are 'rare'.

    Its pointless but its just what some people are like, i know ill never use all of them but i still buy more because its nice just to go through them every now and again and play with different decks.

    And there is no way you can say all decks are the same, try comparing Split Spades to Bicycles - there is an obvious and factual difference between them.

    Although i do admit my card collection seems a little pointless when compared to my DVD/blu-ray collection... (in size, value and reason)
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    I still have about 350 (4 book shelves are used to store these) decks including 4 bricks of Jerry's Nuggets , few bricks of Golden Nuggets , few bricks of Bee Watermelons , few bricks of both old and new smooth finish Aladdins each , 6 Absoluts , 2 Bricks of each S&M editions , a brick of Oak Stingers Casino Deck , few Bricks of Red/Blue/Brown Wynns each after selling a quarter of my collection due to financial problems.
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    I thought I was bad. You all have way more than I ever dreamed about having. I am selling all my stuff though. I have no desire to be a working magician anymore, and I am just going to be "that guy that does tricks sometimes".

    Ever think that cards are just a crutch? Ever think you have too many? I mean unless you a true honest working magician why would you need so many? So much money that could go to better things like business cards or advertising that will actually help you get work.
    Don't get me wrong I am keeping some cards for sentimental value as they were gifts and I can not imagine myself not having them for playing games or the occasional party trick, but to me cards are like 4/4 music. Its easy and works, but you only hinder your creativity by not thinking outside it. Perhaps I am not wise, and perhaps it will hurt more than it will help, but sometimes you just got to rewrite what you do and the way you do it and how you let it define you. Could be bad advice though and what actually gets you work or makes you good is the rarity or print process of your cards. I find that idea laughable though and to put much stock into the idea is addiction at worse and unprofessional at best. Who knows though.
  16. I've been into magic for just over three years now (I think) and I started out with a couple of nasty bridge decks. I am, therefore, in a position to say that I can, in fact, feel the difference between those and a bicycle deck. I have only ever gone shopping for cards twice (thrice if you count the internet) The first time was for a brick of 12 bikes, which my friend and I split between us, and then again for a new brick as the first half ran out. I am still on that second brick. I once bought some shadow masters because I saw them and had an orgasm. It was my first and final fancy deck, because, nice though they are, they were black and so a little bit suspect, to my mind. I generally get through a single deck in a couple of months.

    I should add that although I added to it, I do (slightly hypocritically) consider this thread a complete waste of time. It is one in which everybody is interested in speaking and no-one in listening. Furthermore I think that those of you with more than a few hundred decks are completely bananas, and sound like you're preparing yourselves for some sort of crazy card-apocalypse in which every reputable playing-card company has exploded.

    The reason I mentioned how long I have been into magic for is because, I think that if you've been doing magic for years and (like me) you don't like to throw an old deck out, then I can understand you having quite a substantial number of decks... but four thousand? Really? *sighs*

  17. In my experience, butter fans terribly...

  18. Not if you spread it ;-)

  19. You know what I meant. Grab...

    There's just no point on arguing with you...

  20. WOW! Thats ALOT!...seriously.... 4000!!!

    Ive got about 13...btw

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