How REAL Magicians Practice Sleight of Hand...

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    I thought the coin guys would like to see an example of how REAL magicians practice sleight of hand.

    If you are familiar with Milt Kort's work (and you should be considering he's found all throughout Bobo's), I thought you'd get a kick out of this video. Kort's line "How Real Magicians Practice Sleight of Hand" is how he'd introduce the effect.

    It is a real razor tape or dulled corners.

    Anyone else do this effect?

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  2. what? I think he is just... practicing palms
  3. with a razor blade!!!
  4. I see stuff like this, and the only thing that I can ask myself is "Why?" Maybe it is just to show off talent, maybe it is because he likes the thrill of the danger... But in the end, it doesn't add to the effect and I really don't see how being able to palm a razor blade makes you better at sleight of hand. Maybe I am just a dark cloud raining on this guy's parade though... So I will leave it at that.

  5. its not a performance for a laymen. its a performance for magicians. the razor blade only has to slide a little bit along its edge to cut his palm.
  6. I understand that, and I am not hitting on him for the performance because it is impressive. I am hitting on him for the title, "How REAL Magicians...." hinting at the idea that if I am not doing that, I am not a real magician. Granted, I don't feel that I am at the level that I could be called a magician just yet, though when I finally get there, I don't want the deciding factor to be whether or not I am plaming razor blades... I am impressed, I just worry about what others will think when they see that title.
  7. Razor edged coins are easier to palm...

    Also I giggled at the title "How REAL magicians practice sleight of hand..." My thought after reading that title was, If they were REAL magicians they wouldn't need sleight of hand!
  8. Hey Guys -

    When I posted the demo of this effect, it is indeed targeted more for magicians when you introduce the trick as "how REAL magicians practice sleight of hand". That's how Milt Kort used to introduce the trick to magicians since it is a play on a magician's ego.

    When I do this for regular audiences, it still kills as I explain its an example of how magicians practice.
    When you deliver the line "Wanna Try?", you get a strong reaction.

    If you have Milt Kort's book - The Magic of Milt Kort - the book has a good explanation on how to do the vanish, palm and load all without cutting yourself. Give it a try at your next club meeting and you'll see the impact...or try it as a warm up for your next close-up set. You'll get a good reaction!

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  9. Did you submit this to the Magiciansklub contest? Or did somebody else?
  10. Yeah, I can definitely see myself doing the razor blade routine however when I see the blood drip, I think I'll change my mind.
  11. Muscle pass anyone? :p
  12. @AsherF Ouchies!
  13. Yep...that was my submission

    Yep...that was my submission to the Magiciansklub contest

  14. ???????

    I dont really get what you mean by if they were real magicians they would not need slight of hand?? Isnt that the whole point of being a magician, using sleight of hand to full your spectator???
  15. If your spectators know that there is some sort of sleight of hand involved then it isn't magic. It is just trickery and fast hands. Magic is something that, well looks like magic. An object that floats for a second, a card vanishing under test conditions and appearing somewhere unexplainable, a deck of cards cutting themselves, etc are all magic. Telling your spectators explicitly this is how real magicians do sleight of hand, then performing sleight of hand and producing a sharp object isn't magic. More of a show off of skill and not a show off of magical powers.
  16. How REAL emo's cut themselves!
  17. XD, had to snicker at that Old.

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