How would you PRESENT this? A great exercise!

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    TeeDee – thank you for responding, although I am not sure why you did. You seem to feel that your presentation has no flaws, so there is no room for improvement. Even if your character is a gambler, like Ortiz, I feel the topic of magic and gambling should be separate – both principles actually hurt each other – showing skill hurts the concept of pure magic and doing magic makes people think...well, why did you learn to second deal if you are magic? It is an oxymoron that you can overlook at your own peril. You say it works for you - and feel that this is your character, so be it; however, I ask you this – why do you feel that there is no room for growth, as I have seen MANY use gambling as the reason...but really, there is on message there. You could use that same empty patter for a TONNE of effects...I would love to hear exactly what you say, for when I have seen it, it comes across as mouth noise and bull$hit. You are presenting magic as gambling demo, and honestly – you didn’t deal with the weaknesses yourself, you just shared a plot, and then defended its greatness. So, this thread is not for you – continue pawning off a “great” presentation – as I have seen more original plots from sequel horror flicks.
    To clarify one thing - when I said the effect wasn't engaging, I didn't mean it wasn't interesting - but it is a demonstration...and even though you can have them involved, the magic is about them watching you...and Ammar talks in "Making Magic Memorable" that people don't recall what they see - as much as what they are experiencing first hand...I was talking about the gambling approach not having that inherently, when I talked about it not being engaging. I also think - "How did you do that" is an auto response to WTF or I that is impossible – and that you may not be using the term “managing” your audience properly if you think that has anything to do with the theme you chose to present your ACR with...actually, I hate the term “managing” as it infers control – while I would rather allow for freedom and interact with them as people...rather than manipulating them like props.

    Blahblah – Please no videos - and honestly...I don't know where to start with your simple is very misguided. You should read more, post less on this one - you have much to learn on the topic of what hecklers are, how to make your magic better, and not hiding behind your venue. I will give you this - there is no such thing as "street magic" as it is just you bothering people walking by, you are like the squeegee kid of magic when you do this. However, this doesn't mean you can't do a professional presented people won't rush off if what they see is worthwhile, and they realize you are a pro on all street magic doesn't have to be done with few words and you attempting to freak them out - you just think it does because that is what you saw on TV. So realize that you have room to grow - and listen more.

    Hope you both enjoyed some turkey - thanks for posting.
  2. RDChopper - I would love to hear how the rest goes, if you don't feel comfortable sharing, as it has potential for both a cool hook...but also disaster. There are many reasons why it may not be getting a strong reaction at the end - how are you ending, what phases are you using (as they have to build the impossiblity too) - however, when we use plots with narrative stories - we have to have a point...a moral....or the story is just another example of how we say things that have no meaning and are equal to - "I put it here and it comes to the top".

    Glad this thread is helping you and you are helping the thread - as it is hard for us to look in the mirror to see what we are doing...and even when we's hard to take a good HONEST look. Kudos for doing it - it says much about you.
  3. oookay, ill tel you the rest of it :D

    So the girl picks a card I then say...

    Me: So now you have a boyfriend... what's its name???

    Them: ummm,John.

    Note: Im 80% sure that when they are naming the card, they usually think of a past boyfriend or someone they like, so there you go another emotional hook...

    me: Ok, john then, please hold john for a second.. I for example dont have a girlfriend right now, but when I do, I Usually like to spend time with them,so if I want to see her, I know I have to speak to her in a lovely way...

    For example, lets imagine this "x" card is my girlfriend right now, so lets pretend that she right now is in her house( I put card in the middle) and I want to see her..Obviously if I call her like "I want to see you right now" she is not going to respond because I am being rude( I show an "x" card on top) but,If I call her like this..."My love, I would like to see you" ( the girlfriend card appears on top)my love is going to respond.

    Note: So there goes the first trick of the performance, it usualy hits hard because as I have stated before, the spectator doesnt expects it, so I kinda try to gain their attention with that first trick.

    Me: ok , so now we are going to see how well is the relationship beetwen you and john,(I put card in the middle) so, why dont you call him??

    Them: *Giggle* john! come here!

    Me: (shows "x" card) he is not your dog eh? he is your boyfriend, come on girl.

    Them:*giggle*ammm, john, Im dying to see you , could you come?

    Me: awww, how lovely, john comes right away( shows "john" card ), lets try again..(puts "john" in the middle of the deck)

    Them: john, I want to kiss you!!( we all laughed when the girl said this)

    Me: Well, with things like that, obviusly John is going to come as fast as he can with you(shows "john" card). The thing with john, is that over time he started to annoy you so one of those days you started a discussion with him that ended with you telling john "you know what? I dont want to see you no more!" ( I ask them to take the "john" card an put it in the middle) what did John did? He only came back to say " Im sorry I will not bother you anymore"( shows "john" card on top)

    You didnt notice, but that thing that happened right there, broke john's heart, and it broke it so badly that the only desire of john at that time was revenge... he wanted so badly to break your heart as you did with his ...

    There were this two girls ( I search the deck for 2 queens) wich you didnt like, why? because you knew that both of them wanted something with john, ( I then put both queens on the hands of the girl) and altought you were trying to make sure that john was honest with you when he said he was going back to his house( Puts "john" card on the middle of the deck) the truth was that just in front of your eyes , john was hiding the truth ( I reveal "john" card to be sandwiched beteen the 2 queens in the spectaro hands) ( I remain silent a little moment just to make the reaction grow by itself a little more) And it is a sad thing, because in the real world, it is just like that, we love someone so much that we reject to see what is really happening.

    (with this I think I deliver another emotional hook)
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    That is a very nice routine. :)
  5. That is very bad grammar. Sorry, these things annoy me. You're displaying yourself to the rest of the world here, you could at least make an effort to appear presentable.
  6. Is it really? Have you checked? ;) lol
  7. That's better. Now try and make every post look like that.
    Btw, you still need to take out the comma.
  8. (continues here)

    Me: what happened then? you accepted his apology, because deep inside you, you had this little hope that he could change for you...

    Sad for you...

    Even when you had your eyes on him all the time, he still cheated you and went somewhere else...(As I am saying this I put the "john" card in the middle of the pack, and then it appears in my mouth)..

    You had enough, you knew there was no hope for the relationship ( I rip "john" card and I put the pieces in my pocket)
    So you broke up with him and you move on...


    as I have said you move on, and you even got a new boyfriend( I ask her to take a new card from the deck) and you were happy with him and all! but, did you really thought this was going to have a happy ending?

    Even thought you had a new love in your life ( I show "new boyfriend" card and I fold it) every time you were with him..( I put folded card in her hand) you heart saddened because you just couldnt forget.... John.... ( they open hand and they find "john" card in there hand)


    So there is my routine, I know there are a lot of flaws there, and I want to mention that I made emphasis on the story and not on the moves and sleights.

    As I mentioned this routine got me very nice reactions and the girls liked it, after that we talked during all the concert and I made some new friends.

    Cheers and keep this thread going!:D
  9. I personally really like that routine. I love the emotional hooks and the build up to the killer ending. Though I'd have to see it to really comment, it sounds very good. And as they say: if it works for you...
  10. RDChopper - very "romantic" (as in English romance not make out movie romance) plot - I think it's great, and may have some ideas for the ending. I would like to see it end on a more positive note...something gained, rather than a love lost. Perhaps, them gaining you as a friend...or gaining an interesting learning experience. Although I don't feel the presentation and effect are polished yet, they are well on their way. Thanks for sharing - I hope everyone respects you doing that and allows it to STAY yours - and doesn't copy it. PM me sometime, and we can further discuss sequences and endings to allow you to develop that plot.

    See it is possible to develop a plot first - then an effect - not always effect than plot. Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments everyone, I have worked a lot on it and I know it has a lot of flaws, either it is a storyline flaw or a finale flaw, I Dont know, If any of you guys out there have some suggestions or comments about it, My PM inbox is open 24/7 :D


    (word count)
  13. Look he took my advice.

    I bet you like to say BUMP, don't you.
  14. Perhaps we should change effects - how would you present sponge balls - this could be interesting. To add a bit of variety - you can also give your take on a colour changing deck effect - much easier to "hit out of the park" then sponge balls. Feel free to tackle both, but in seperate posts.

    So - Sponge balls - a plot that you would use with those...OMG - this may be as bad as a car wreck

    AND/OR - Colour Changing Deck - a plot that would allow you to do a colour changing deck - I may tip something I have been working on here, that I won't put in print, but you may use it. Actually, I will send it to the person that posts, what I feel, is the most logical and interesting plot for each of these effects.

    Good luck - I look forward to writing feedback and seeing how creative you guys can we have any people like that...perhaps - look below.
  15. Depending on your style. If you are a gambler you could go the route of saying you marked the card.

    Sponge Balls. Yeah, those are lame and rather silly.
  16. That's sarcasm right?
  17. Nope. word count
  18. As for the colour changing deck, I would defiantly open with this as I do not want the audience to be accustomed to the colour of the cards for reasons that will become apparent soon.

    I would start by asking a few questions about lapses in mental concentration and or memory. Give a few casual face up riffle shuffles maintaining the set up on top. All the while asking generic questions about these lapses for example; how many times have you misplaced your phone and had to call it to find it. Or when you leave your keys on the bench and turn half your house upsidedown looking for them only to be pointed out they are almost hidden in plain sight.'

    I would then proceed to talk about how they only have a single piece of information (their selection) and how if I give them more to think about then the easier it becomes for them to have this lapse in concentration. I may change their card into another one of the odd back cards or something like a monte effect as to demonstrate this point and also cement the idea that the deck is 'red'. I would then proceed to change the card into a blue card and ask them if they noticed that the whole time that there card was blue. In the moment they disagree with me, agree that they are right and turn the card back being red at the same time turning the whole deck blue.

    It needs a little polishing I know but the general idea of creating that lapse of concentration is what I would try to demonstrate.
  19. Sponge Balls- No experience with them at all btw

    Start the patter about rabbits and their history of multiplying quickly with just one mate. Then go on about how hard they are to really keep track of and their elusiveness, nothing really detailed figuring the audience has some sort of clue about rabbits. These spongeballs are actually quite similar due to the fact they are made with a rabbits feces and share similar qualities, just joking, they are similar because the spongeball has a single hair of a rabbit inside of it. Something to this effect would work.

    Start off with the two, go on about the elusiveness of the creature and how it can just slip through the hands and appear somewhere else. Then go into the multiplying routine of just two rabbits can make another quicker than you blink and poof three more spongeballs appear. More disappearing of the spongeballs and more appear until finally the last spongeballs put into their hands turn into two rabbit shapped spongeballs.

    Only thing I can possibly think of, haven't heard this patter or any really dealing with spongeballs.
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    Color Changing Deck

    I'll go with it's a Blindsided sort of method.

    I would open with a short thing about suggestion and how it can influence your mind. I tell them with a force that the color of the deck is red and throughout the effect they will begin to see things and how they actually influence you with subliminal words, and body motions. Get them to answer the question what color is the deck, they say blue and remind them that they will begin to see a change. Go through the motions of the effect until I place their wrong card on top while simply suggesting that the color they say is no longer a blue tint but one of a orange tint and it becomes steadily closer and closer to red.

    I then tell them that card they now see is truly their card, no matter how hard they try to fight it they will see their card and through the one simple suggestion it will change into it. Shapeshift their card and then ask them to hold out their hand and examine the face of the card. Ask them to turn over the red card and see that it truly is a red card, when they turn back I state "you see, it truly is a red deck and I promised you would see things my way." I never told you the whole truth and that was through every single word and body motion I made it made you choose the only actual blue card in the deck, this resulted in the rest of the suggestion taking over and making you realize this IS a red deck.

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