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  1. Hey guys. I was wondering, for those of you who know this trick, what is the best mood or atmosphere to perform the trick? I'm only 12, so I can't go to a bar or anything. Thanks guys!

  2. If you are only 12 then you have no business performing this STUNT until you are at the least 18 years old, and legally no longer the responsibility of your parents.

    this STUNT is dangerous, and can cause serious injury if you haven't been properly trained to do it by someone who knows what they are doing, and has had years experience performing it.

    I'm not trying to be a dick, but just because of your age, and inexperience alone I refuse to give you any useful information further on this stunt until you are older, more mature, and legally responsible for making your own decisions, and dealing with the consequences there of.
  3. I've been doing it for several years now. Don't think of me as an immature typical middle school brat. I'm very, very different than your average teen. I've also had proper training.
  4. Sorry, but I still don't think its a good idea to perform it until your older. I get what you mean about how people think of teen magicians (Myself being one) but it's not just an issue of being ABLE to do it, but what people are going to think when you do it. It would look really weird to see a 12 year old hitting a nail into his nose, and your audience doesn't care how experienced you think you are, they're going to want to object to that sort of thing.

    For now, just stick to some safer things. You can still be a geek magician and do some gross and disturbing stuff, but look into some things like Thread, Saw, Sick, and other shocking effects that are still safe (for the most part). :)
  5. I highly doubt you've been doing it for as long as you say. From your post and attitude, I know that you pretty much saw a video clip of it and decided to use the "method" you saw the guy use. (which isn't even a method at all.) This is an extremely dangerous stunt and I know that most performers out there won't teach it to ANYBODY under the age of 18, due to legal reasons. If you screw up the stunt and end up hospitalized or worse, the guy who taught it to you is going to be held legally responsible for what happened and so will your parents.

    Will is pretty much right, you shouldn't even be considering performing this until you've hit the age of 18 or older.
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    Several is a word that is used to indicate 3 or more. IF you are 12 and you've been doing it for several years then that means you would have started it around... 8 or 9 years of age. I'm not one to judge if that is indeed the case, but I think you're probably exaggerating a bit on your experience. IF you had proper training, then why are you asking us? Why not ask the person who properly trained you?

    Here's the thing. Maturity or not, your body is growing. It's going through changes, and it will continue to do so for several years to come. I'm not a physician so I can't say for sure what all will change inside your head between now and maturity, but I'd hedge a safe bet and say not to do it until you're an adult. Further, speaking as an adult, I'm not comfortable with the idea of teaching or advising a minor as young as you on anything that involves dangerous stunts, driving spikes into your skull, etc, etc. As Randy has already pointed out, it's a legal issue. I don't want to be responsible for your injury (and god pray that it never happens) should something go wrong.

    Also, Aaron has a point about the performance aspect. Unless you're from a Carny family, where other adults in the show whom you are close to is doing similar stunts, you just randomly pulling out a nail and hammer amid your card tricks and sponge balls is going to look odd. As an adult watching a 12 year old do this I'd be concerned. I just don't know how you could pull it off right... (and I'm making sweeping general assumptions here that may be highly inaccurate) I don't think it would fit a 12 year old's character, or thematically work within the average 12 year old's show line up. There is no justification for doing it- other than to get a visceral reaction from the audience, and that isn't always a good thing.

    IF you've been trained proper as you claim, ask them. Otherwise my advice is to stick to card tricks for a few more years to come.
  7. Well, just so you guys know, I usually use the inside of a pen, or a Q tip or something along those lines.
  8. Doesn't change my opinion one bit. Your too young, in my honest, most respectful, humble opinion, and have no business performing this stunt. I will not help you with this.

    You're a good kid Casey, I've seen you around the forum for a bit now. You've got a long road as a magician ahead of you, and so much time to play with. I wish you'd focus more on presentation, character development, and fundamental skills in sleights and stage presence, instead of fooling around with this carny crap. Tell you what... put the block head away for a few years, and if you are STILL set on doing it, once you turn 18 send me a message, and I'll provide you some instructions then. Does that work as a compromise for you?
  9. You're 12 years old. Stop worrying about proper presentation and all that crap, Learn to enjoy your life and just perform effects that aren't dangerous to your health because you haven't been properly trained on how to do prepare them.

    Right now you may not be seeing any side effects. But due to your inexperience and maturity, You are damaging your nasal passages, and possibly causing yourself to develop long term infections that can end up hospitalizing you. These types of stunts aren't meant for people at your age. They were meant for Adults who have had proper training and know how to do em without causing serious damage to themselves.
  10. Crap, I hope I didn't influence you. I didn't realize anyone, but me did it with pens... Dude, I had the same argument with blockhead stunt on these forums awhile back and I lost. These guys are right, don't perform this until you're eighteen. Even then it's not a good idea to perform it. I've only got about a month left till I hit eighteen and can do it myself, but I'm going to hold back and only perform it for special occasions.
  11. Are you CaseyRudd?
  12. No, Casey Rudd's username is CaseyRudd.
  13. When i was twelve, i was performing effects from a big shiny box of magic that a popular childrens tv magician at the time had brought out. I didn't even have access to the internet until I was 18 and went to college. I didn't know people drove nails into their heads, but i doubt i would have wanted to do it, no more than i would have wanted to walk on broken glass or embers. Maybe 12 is alot older than it used to be, (and im only 21), but no 12 year old should perform these things. Considering when you're twelve, your primary audience is your parents and extended family, who shouldn't let you do it, and maybe a school show, for which you would certainly not get permission. Everyone here has said essentially the same thing, but i think draven is the only one of this who knows the stunt in detail, you asked for advice from someone with the experience, and he gave it to you, so be smart brother, dont discard or dispute it because it's not the advice you wanted.
  14. You know Casey, with the few times that I have chatted with you, I have no idea how you make this work. I, for one, cannot see you or any other 12 year old driving an object into their nose. It doesn't fit the personality (even if you could do it) of any 12 year old.

    Don't do it.
  15. Nah. No worries. Like I said, I've been doing this for a while now. That was no false statement. I suppose you guys are right. I grant you, it definitely would raise some eyebrows seeing me do it. Thanks anyway. To Randy: I did not simply learn the trick off of youtube. I'm not that impulsive. When it comes to something this dangerous, I am extremely cautious. Again, thanks guys.

  16. Just do what you feel right. Good luck!
  17. Casey,
    I'm an old carnie and traveled with sideshows back in the early 70's playing state fairs all over the east cost.I did the blockhead and fire eating and several pitches.Here is my advice to you.....

    ..... STOP DOING IT RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!

    Have a good day...
  18. There are so many things I find wrong with this...

    Please do not do this stunt. Why would you do something that could potentially harm your body? You are 12! You still got a hell of a lot to loose and you can't afford loosing them. Personally, I feel that you are wanting to learn this because you want to impress your peers. I know when I was 12 I was performing in theater and impressing peers with card tricks at the time. I'm more in the league of Reservoir, in terms of internet usage and what I was performing at the time.

    Just be patient and wait and learn how to do it properly and when you have your own health insurance,

  19. Casey,

    Wuts up my guy??? Hows it going??? Look I'm not going give you the iron fist and talk down on your thought process, because honestly I tried everything i was told not to do.

    That being said, all the guys here are right! You are twelve, work on some pk, or something that looks like true carny stuff. You never know. I remember when i first start doing the blockhead, i thought i knew what i was doing. After putting in the work in doing multiple carny stuff, It took me all this time to figure out I don't like doing it.

    When Draven says this stuff is serious business, he's right. The risk is much higher than the reward. People like Draven, Eden, Ses, Ajay (if i spelled it right) and Happy are well seasoned performers who (A) knows right off the back that they can screw up and hurt something. (B) Makes it look easier than it really is. (C) freakin nuts for doing some of that stuff ( i mean that in a respectful manner) (D) Were professionally trained at one point or another

    Trying to be the next Johnny Knoxxville isn't something you should be worrying about! Take the Johnathan Bayme approach, learn, perform and grow.

    On the flipside, I'm not going to play the part of your internet dad. I will reveal this to you. Books, DVD's and stuff are not good teachers. Learn from a seasoned performer and not the pyro head thats sits in the back of the classroom. When you are old enough, try looking up Sideshow Courses you can take in person!

    Hope that helps!
  20. Ced! I was wondering when you'd chime in. Good to see you're still haunting the forums. Just a minor note, if you're referring to my mentor, then it's Aye Jaye- you were close. If not, then disregard that correction.

    Good to see you're reply too Don. I'm glad to see another on this forum here who is with it.

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