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  1. We all know it, allot of us hate it, hype. What are your thoughts on it? I think it is ok to a certain extent. I would like to hear you guyses (proper grammar?) thoughts on it.

  2. Hype? As in making an effect or dvd sound a lot better than it actually is?
  3. Yes

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  4. *guys' :p

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  5. Common guys! I want to hear your side of this!
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    Doesn't this question really answer itself? If you mean hype as in defined in the quote above I have a hard time seeing how someone could actually argue for it? Making people believe something is better than it actually is is false advertising and hurts the customers and in the end the company.
  7. every other business uses it
  8. hype is just epyh spelled backwards
  9. Since no one is volunteering one, I'll give you an answer.

    Hype is a nebulous term and often used as a pejorative. Really, it's just the act of getting someone pumped and excited for the release of a product. If the product turns out to be as good as you hoped, all is well. If not, well... you're basically screwed. It's a part of sales and marketing that has existed as long as there was such a thing as sales and marketing.

    Hype becomes a problem when the producers of the product over promise and under deliver. This is exacerbated by the fact that hype is difficult to sustain over a long period of time. Eventually the thrill wears off and people just stop getting excited. The wait just isn't worth it.

    Hype can be used to make a mediocre product look great. But it can also be used to generate interest in a product with strong merits of its own. It's a myth that if something is good, everyone will get in on it. An effort must be made to get the word out.

    So ultimately, hype to me is just part of how the game is played. No sense getting upset about it. No point in demonizing it. No use exalting it.
  10. damnit. Steer beat me to it. Pretty much what he said.

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