Hypnosis - Should we really be performing it?

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  1. Generally you can't get people do something they wouldn't do or don't WANT to do. When people usually do something under hypnosis, they are going a long with it because they want to and because it's usually fun. Clucking a chicken, etc etc. Aren't things that they would be afraid of doing without it, because it's something really silly. It's just that with Hypnosis they are more open to suggestion to that one thing or another. Has my Psychology professor has stated. If they think they are going too far, they can and will pretty much stop, no matter what the hypnotist says or does.

    This was proven on Myth busters when they tried to get Grant to do something silly and minor like drawing hearts or stars on his favorite Battle Bot every time he heard a certain word. It didn't work and all he did every time he heard the word was giggle or laugh.

    Also most people will remember pretty much everything that happens to them while they are under hypnosis. If they have some amnesia it's usually temporary.
  2. Whats wrong with Zap? Jerking the arm is small and is not necesasary.

    Hypnosis is a highten state of relaxation, its a natural thing, nothing dangerous. He told you it was, so you wont steal his customers.

  3. Lol Ask Jonathan Royle or Alex William Smith or whatever his name is this week what his thoughts on the subject are :p

  4. I perform hypnosis, and I will continue to. If the hypnosis we see in the movies existed, then no it probably shouldn't be performed (e.g. having people kill themselves etc).
  5. You obviously did not read my first post -_-"...Personally I think at your age you should NOT be performing hypnosis.

    I strongly agree with romeo sierra argument, you clearly understand what you are talking about this subject.

    Well I do have a general understanding of hypnosis. Hell I even have most of the general hypnosis products myself. I have seen Zapped and I dislike and disapprove of Hon Wong's teaching. Its pretty much the skeleton for an induction and I think its the marketing that get's little young kiddies into buying to product. Back on topic.

    Most of you claim that hypnosis is safe, and this and that about trance. However ask yourself...how much do you really know about this subject. I have seen Zapped, RIP and I have 4 books on this subject, however I am certain that even I don't know anything about this. I have performed hypnosis, I have used suggestions, but I think people need to understand safety...and I mean really understand safety...before using hypnosis.
  6. Im felling bumpy today.
  7. Sheesh.

    Ever read a book and really get into it?

    Ever watch a movie and feel what you've just seen?

    Ever drive for a long time, lost in thought and suddenly you say to yourself "Wow. That was a fast trip."?

    Congratulations. You were in a "trance".

    That's all hypnosis is. It's harmless. Completely. You can't make someone do what they don't want to do. You can't make anyone "stuck" in hypnosis. You can't even put someone "under" unless they want to. If you tell someone to do something they wouldn't want to do, they won't.

    I've been performing hypnosis for years. Never had anything bad happen. I will say be careful with Zap because you're pulling someone's arm (not neccasary), and they are going to fall (again, not neccasary).

    Can we put this to bed, please?
  8. Zap'd is only dangerous because you run the risk of doing the hand shake wrong and dislocating the persons shoulder or causing them to fall on their face. But has many people will say. There are easier and gentler ways to do the inductions.

    Like Owner M said. It's pretty safe. The movie's and media just over do it, because that's what they do. They tend to make things out to be what they aren't.
  9. here is the thing. I don't think Hypnosis has a place in a magic act. Its an entire act by its self. In January I was in Las Vegas, and I went to see The Amazing Johnathon, However he was in rehab at the time and his show was canceled. So my mother father and I decided to see at dirty hypnoses unleashed show playing at the same theater. Yes I did go on stage, Yes I was under hypnosis. However I knew everything that was going on. Hypnosis is nothing more then a very relaxed state, in which i didn't mind if i made a fool out of my self. Hypnosis is not what the majority of the public think it is. There is no way you can get someone to do something they would not want to do, because like i said you are awake and aware of your surrounding, but do as you are told. It was fun, i remember everything that happen. and i would suggest going to a show. But as far as mixing it with a magic act. Not so much.

    I do have a DVD of the show and if you are interested i can try to post it.

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