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  1. I am performing for people who only speak Japanese tomorrow in a "Close-Up" situation. I only speak English. This was pretty last moment and by that I mean I just got a text about it a few seconds ago. I am kinda panicking right now. They will have a translator, but I would like to keep her work to a minimum. Help! I have 1 idea, "Tear Down" By: Andrew Mayne, performed silent and visual. Other than that, I don't know.
  2. Easy. many effects don't require talking. A Dove routine, for example. Try some card manipulation (the back palm-jeff mcbride stuff) or just some flourishes. if you spread the cards, and gesture towards the deck, they'll most likely know what you mean.:) and don't underestimate coins and spongeballs, the universal language of love.. wait I mean magic... what?
  3. Indecent, Pressure, any cardistry, anything visual. Theres alot more out there, but the best effects that can be done silent are visual effects. Transpositions, dissapperaring/reappearing, levitations etc. Intresting enough, Houdini has done shows for blind audiences, and def audiences. Good luck, and stay confident.
  4. Thanks for the tips! Didn't know that about Houdini!
  5. Maybe you could try some in the hand transpositions of signed selections, ambitious card routines, maybe a three fly if ur willing to learn the numbers 1,2, and 3 and japanese
  6. 1 - ichi
    2 - ni
    3 - san
  7. Haha, thanks bro.
  8. Witness
    Fiber Optics
    Zombie Ball

    Only ones coming to mind nobody said. Of course if you don't know those or don't own the materials guess this really isn't helpful.
  9. 'Boku no, namae wa *insert name* desu'

    Hello, My name is *name*.
  10. I can use that!!!
  11. lol, what if it doesnt actually mean that (not that you would do that blink, i dont want to argue, just saying)

    that would be funny yet horrible
  12. You will need to use your translator, but I think that Control would be a good one to do if you know it.
  13. I was about to say, I'm having visions of My Big Fat Greek Wedding where he ends up saying "I have 3 testicles"

    anyways, best of luck with the japanese. I've found that forcing the same card, ambitous card, and transpositions are very effective
  14. Don't use Boku, unless you want to be laughed at. It's the wrong congergtion.

    Boku is a very VERY childish way to say hello. It's like kindergarden childish. It can also be very very boy-ish too, depending on context. Either way it's not professional.

    You will want to use Watashi. You may hear the girls reply "Atashi wa" Atashi is feminine. Avoid using that too, unless you want to sound homosexual, or at the very least very affeminenate.

    "Konichiwa Mina-san, Watashi wa (your name) desu. Genki Deska?"

    (Kon-EEchee-Wa Mee-na san. Wah-tah-She wa Des. Gain-Key Des-kah?)

    Translates litterly to: Hello everyone, I am (your name). Are you happy?

    Cardo (Card-oh) Is japanese for Card. Might help.

    Most japanese are very grateful if you just make an attempt to speak the language no matter how bad you fail at it. It's the effort that counts.

    Also magic, if it's visual, doesn't really need words. You'll be amazed at how well an ambitious card translates into ANY language without the need to speak.

    Don't forget your pleases and thank yous.

    Domo Arrigato: Thank you very much.
    (Doh-Moe Arr-Ree-Ghat-toe)

    Onigai: Please.
  15. Sorry Mate,

    I only know Boku and Watashi, and from my basic knowledge of Japanese it was Boku - Male, Watashi - Female.
  16. Boku isn't childish, but it isn't formal. Use "watashi" as he said. You also will want to say "o-genki desu ka" as opposed to "genki desu ka" Adding the "o" makes it more formal as well. I'm guessing this is formal at least since you have a translator.
  17. Don't forget "Gypsy Thread". Very visual, and doesn't require speaking.
    Also the "Asher Twist", "Twisting the Aces", Color Changes, etc...
  18. This could be the easiest show you ever do.
    You have a translator, meaning she's going to take up some time translating everything you say.
    You won't get through all your effects on your 1 hour show trick list.
    That doesn't mean don't bring all of it, I'm just saying that this show could be easier than most since each effect will take a little longer than a normal gig.
    I wouldn't stress it, just do your most visual magic.

    He said "Close-up".
  19. Wow, I can't thank you all enough! Especially William, thanks bro. My show is for today at 4:00 pm. I spent last night making a "Set List" of things. Really appreciate this guys!
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    Here are a few memorable lines from the little Japanese I picked up over the years. Hope it helps out.

    "Donyal'san, shohmi wox'de kah. Woxon. Woxoff. Verigud, Donyal'san."

    - Excuse me, please reach in a take any card you like. Perfect. Please show it to the rest of the audience without me seeing it. Very good.

    "Donyal'san, shohmi pent'de fents. Ap. Down. Ap. Down. Dunfoget to breeve, Donyal'san. Eenteh nose. Outta mouth. Ap. Down. Ap. Down."

    - Now watch this, we'll turn some cards face-up and keep some cards face down. We'll shuffle the cards together and just by snapping the fingers, we can get the entire deck to correct itself again. All except for one card.

    "Donyal'san, cren keek. Eefdo rite, noken di'fents."

    - Thank you so much for watching. I hope you have a wonderful evening.


    PS. If this doesn't get the post of the week, I don't know what will...

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