If Not a Magician, Then What?

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  1. So I was recently thinking about some things and came upon a curious thought. Many of us have our hearts set on becoming a professional magician. But we all know in the back of our minds that most of us won't make it that far. So here is the question...

    "If you don't make it, what would you be then?"

    This question is important to answer because colledge applications need to know what your major and minors are in. So please answer it.
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    Personally, I am already prepping for this. I am going to give being a magician my all but I must always think ahead in order to keep my life on the right track.

    I would like to be a writer if I could not become a pro magician. I thoroughly like writing reviews for products and movies. I am signed up here and other magic websites and I love writing reviews for them. I really like reviewing movies on one site though. That is really fun.

    In addition, I am also writing a book. Yes, I know. I am only 15 and writing a book? That is way too young. I respectfully disagree. The book I am writing focuses on a couple of serial killers. It flashes back into their childhood and into present day. It also follows the storyline of the police cheif who is determined to hunt them down and make sure their killings stop. I won't go further because it would spoil it...but so far I have used 5 journals to write a rough draft ( it has been in production since I turned 13) and i have a flash drive with a typed final copy on it. It is only abou 81 pages in and that's not even a quarter of the way done yet!

    So what will you guys do if you can't be a pro magician?
  2. i think i wanna b a cop with a magician on the side
  3. as you said, "many of us" , I for example love the art, I perform it, I practice it like crazy, but I already know that is not going to be my work for life, nor my profession, It would be something abit unstable, yeah, I could have job at a restaurant a day, and the day after not, I mean, right now I want to finish school and the career Im studying (web hosting).

    My dream is to be a rockstar (yeah a little inmature) haha I would like to travel and know the world a little, so after I finish school (I only have a semester left) I plan to go on a trip along with some friends... you know, something different... So right now Im finding ways to work in case my networks skills doesn't work... I mean, play the guitar at a cafe, maybe magic... I wanna live and be different!!!

    just my thoughts.. have a nice day.:D
  4. Well I want to entertain in some way. Or do something that is not a sit down job were i just type in a computer all day (unless if it is working for theory11). I would say a dragon.... but really a Bartender. I don't know why but I kinda want to be one. I could still do some magic than.

    Great Thread BTW
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    I hardly practice magic these days ever since I got into cardistry. I know I wouldn't go very far in this field since I only consider it a little hobby.

    Since I don't have any plans for being a professional performer, I was thinking to get into a career in engineering (I'm considering chemical engineering), or in the business/finances field. I'm still not quite sure to be honest =P

    Anyway, good luck to those of you who decide to pursue your dreams in being a professional magician :)

    A bartender is a great occupation :D Your skills in magic would definitely complement what you are doing because a bar/restaurant (where ever you`re working) is the perfect setting to perform and entertain.

  6. music production. i love writing, recording,, mixing and performing music. i play about 11 or 12 different instruments and have a wide knowledge of recording music. to me magic is something fun to do on the side. i love performing and inventing magic, but magic, like music, is a very tough industry to make it in. i feel i have way more experience with music.
  7. "If I can make this card disappear, you all have to buy another round of drinks!"

  8. i plan on doing magic

    but if not a musician, carpenter, or possibly a chef
  9. Jack we all know you sit down all day any way:p
    PS he knows im kidding...... I hope.
  10. Magic is what I plan on doing the for the rest of my life. I would like to have a close up show, something like Bill Malone has. I would also like to lecture for magicians all around the world.
    If magic does not work out then I am definately going to do video editing.
  11. To be honest, I have no plans for the future. I would love to be a restaurant magician, but I know that chances of me making it are slim. Maybe I'd write or direct movies for Hollywood, but again, I don't have any dreams that are realistic. Whatever I'd end up doing, I would make sure that it's something that I enjoy because to me, there's no point in having a job that says nothing about who you are.
  12. My advice, not that it means anything, would be to wait until you've been working on your magic for a few years at least before trying any paying gigs.

    But, when you do start them, one of the most, IMHO, rewarding and chop building (not just technical skills, but handling audiences) gigs is restaurants.

    Also, since you only work 2-3 hours at a time, around dinner, it is a great job to have 2-3 nights a week while going to college/university.

    THEN, after you graduate, and are waiting for a job in your chosen (re:what you went to school for) field, you can probably fill your week with walk around gigs.

    But that's just what I think right now, and who knows what I'll be saying next week.
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    Hi Glenn,

    Nice to have an experience point of view - as per 99% of the time, I agree with what you say. Actually gals and gents, I have done exactly what Glenn speaks of. Restaurant work is a nice way to bring in a little spending coin and keep your chops crisp.

    I think we can all reach our goals in magic, as "making it" does not always include being an artist from T11, winning FISM or attending FFFF...sometimes, it is having the guts to do magic for your class...or doing shows at a restaurant once a week...or making your very own trick.

    These dreams are ALL attainable...so, many more will make it - they just might not meet your definition Dylan. :)

    For me though...if I wasn't still doing magic...I would be a Rock Star or a Doctor...both for the money and status. Money, Power, Respect!

    haha - so why magic? Because it gives small doses of those things too - and as long as I have a deck of cards in my hands, I am not playing with myself.
  14. i plan on being an actor, either movies or on stage,(unless i grow 5 more inches, then its basketball :) ) so magic keeps me in that field. it probably won't be my profession, but it is something i really enjoy doing and plan on doing in my life.
  15. An animator. WHich I already am.
  16. Either an actor or cinematographer.
    But my main goal is to be a Director.

  17. Oh yeah. I know. But just to clarify for everyone...

    By professional Magician I mean having something big like your own vegas stage or your own TV show. something like that.

    I get what you mean though morgician.
  18. I'm planning on majoring in mathematics, and becoming an applied mathematician. I already have a reastaurant job( doing magic) to supplant my little spending money. I don't really know where my magic career will take me, however, I do know that I will be performing it for the rest of my life, regardless of my profession.
  19. Um, then that is an incredibly narrow view of what a professional is.
  20. Wait, what was the 1% then?

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