If you really had magical powers...

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  1. After reading Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber (highly recommended). There was a part that really stuck with me. Usually the strongest of all magic, is when people wish they really had that ability. e.g If you really had magical powers, you would fly, levitate, read minds, produce money out of thin air etc.

    So I was wondering, if you guys really had magical powers, what ability would you want, and more importantly, can you replicate that through conjuring?
  2. Hmm, Definitely flying i think, although the money thing would be cool, although i would proably be doing it in my sleep just to get as rich as possible.
  3. If I could really turn fivers into hundreds... or pull money out of the "money card".......ooooohhhhhh man, that would be sweet.
    But I think being able to fly would save on gas...
  4. I think If I really could do magic I think I'd have the power to read minds, or hear peoples thoughts, or turn Dr Pepper into 7up ( < now I can be a member of team awesome :D ) haha
  5. I'll go on a 'Miss Planet' type answer, and say it would be to create a force field.

    With that, I'd walk around the entire planet killing bad guys and making the world a better place.

    Alright, so perhaps it wasn't such a perfect answer...
  6. easily flying. I think that money you need to earn by working hard etc. and it would be after a while innoying reading minds in my opinion. and maybe obnoxious..
  7. If I had real magic powers contrary to what you may believe, I do not want to be a werewolf. The super power I would like is mind jumping or linking. If I could mind jump I could essentially live for ever. Body grows old no problem jump hey I am young again and I have the knowledge of a 91 year old. No mind you this would definitely be the power of a super villain but I truly do not care it would be awesome none the less.
  8. lol great idea ideas. The point of this post was to think of ways to replicate your wish (if you really did have magical powers).

    e.g David Copperfield flying is considered one of the all time greats, because it is a dream of so many.
  9. But what if I told you I could perform my special power, I have been using it for many millennium. Nah just pulling your leg, but in all seriousness Robert Houdin was a funny guy. Moving on, this is interesting but other then flying what other super powers do people want to replicate?

    This is an interesting topic, which could in fact push magic forward a little, great efforts.
  10. Tough question. I would like a lot of differnt abilities. Teleportation would be awesome. Screw flying...teleport in the air and move that way. lol

    Either that or mind reading. Could you imagine the job interviewing process? It would be so much simpler if you could read minds. Not to mention being able to read the mind of a person who just picked a random card. No more card forces! lol.
  11. If you could read minds and you still do pick a card tricks...hmm
  12. I would choose to be able to SELECTIVELY read minds. otherwise I would be constantly hearing people and I'd go insane.
  13. Thanks for the once in a lifetim image of a supermodel killing people in a bikini using a rocket launcher... Priceless :rolleyes:
  14. if i had magic powers i would rip a card into 4 pieces and piece by piece put the card back together.
  15. the stuff dreams are made of ;)
  16. I'm not exactly sure, but I know I wouldn't going around doing card tricks. :)
  17. Wow this is tough. I like the mind reading but I think turning back time would be my choice.
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    Id be john f'ing constantine.
    I already at times tie catholic mythology to some effects/performances
  19. Flying, changing ones into hundreds, and being able to turn back time and redo events.

    There are dozens of methods for the first one, I know a few, none of them come close enough for me. Plenty of methods for the second, one of which I use, but I do ones to fives because I'm not rich. The third one can be achieved with things like torn and restored, but not very well.
  20. I would enjoy all of these things that people have posted, but to be different I would say Flash stepping! :D

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