insensitive cardistry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by card, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Disembodied hands fiddling with cards #93789.
  2. At least it's short, reasonably themed well, and doesn't have sloppy camera work.

    I'm not a fan of cardistry, but this wasn't bad. Good work!
  3. Good effort but it's not even worth trying to make Cardistry videos with people like Tobias on the scene. Such massive talent with Cardistry and video editing these days.
  4. Well, although I do agree that very very few people come even close to Tobias, I don't think think this is the right attitude to take. You don't have to expect to be as good as Tobias or Predator Deck to make videos.

    In order to get better and maybe one day get to their level, making videos seems like a good medium to receive some feedback and improve.

    And besides, if Tobias had thought "Well, there's no point making videos because Dan and Dave are crazy good and I'll never match up," there'd be far fewer great cardists "on the scene" so to speak. That's my opinion anyway.

    Towards the OP: It was a nice effort but I'd just work on smoothness at this point and maybe learning more complete moves. The flourishes in the video were fine but a few more flourishes with more fluidity would go a long way towards making your video better.
  5. I 100% disagree, how can you become as good as them if you don't make an effort, everybody starts somewhere.
  6. Well, then what's the point in entering the magic scene with David Copperfield still around? You can always assume that someone is going to be better than you are at something but that's no reason to completely lose faith in yourself.

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