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  1. ok you havn´t got me right xD

    sry ^^ i can´t describe it. it is a pity, that english is not my native language so.. :D

    I know, that coin in bottle and its variations are still the same effects. But a Card Transpositioning........

    With tivo you place the card, which should be transposed inside of the deck, you hold in your hand (just an example).......with other transpo effects (here then there for example) you do not do The CONCEPT of the transpo cards is still the same but the complete handling performance is different.

    BUT the Variations of the tivo out there on youtube etc...are just slightly variations on the exact handling of tivo. Only becuz of you are not able to do it, they way it is meant to be (80% of the variations, i would say) with using duplicates etc etc etc.

    You can compare that, by using double sticky tape for each double lift you do, becuz you are not able to hold two cards as one.........or holding the bottle for CIB in an unnatural way and "tossing" or whatev the coin into the bottle really laggy and stucky, just becuz you are not able to do it casual and smooth and all these things ;)

    got me ^^

    Cheers guys

    PS. I do not thing, that this is not a thread bumping ;) This Thread is about Tivo Variations and i think it is open for everybody to discuss about these variations

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