Interested in winning lots of magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. I think we should make it whoever can come up with the best story for what they're going to do with said 'magic items'. Just another idea to throw into the pot I guess...
  2. Just sell it man. None of us here deserve to win anything.
  3. Especially you.

    I kinda agree, its an awesome idea to give it all away though.

    I would say to sell most of it, and perhaps have a few comps for a few of the items :).
  4. I think if he wants to sell them, he will sell them. If he wants to give them away, he will give them away. If he wants to blow them up with firecrackers, he will do that (hey, there's an idea) :)

    Anyways. Depends on how many items, I would trow different kind of contest for each item. And I would make it that noone can win two contests. Se that everybody has a chance.
  5. Ahhh, thanks :p
  6. ... Mr. Ection.

    You're too kind Steven. You're always friggin given something back man.

    Well atleast we all know a few other people around here that would easily agree :p. Hell, i'll jump on that wagon to a degree myself :D.
  7. performance vids

    i think people should post a video of a performance, but with at least an actual spectator, and an actual reaction. As opposed to a blurry youtube video, playing linkin park with a magician doing a poorly perfomed pass, how about a real live performance with real life misdirection, etc...

  8. My name is obviously..... cooler. :D
  9. i think there should be like a random selection using this forum, you have an impartial person pick a number between 1 and however many posts this reaches and then... go to that post and waalaaahh you have a winner and that individual win ONE effect, you go through one at a time if there arent enough posts to meet the number of efects you are giving away then do the math and depending upon however many effects ther are divided by number of posts you give that many per winner
  10. but i agree with some others you are being extremely generous and i thank you, even if i dont win anything.
  11. okay i got it. who ever has the coolest zippo lighter wins!
  12. I have a Hello Kitty one.......... BEAT THAT

  13. cringe. i officialy hate you with a burning passion
  14. ... I've got a Chuck Norris Zippo :eek: (Dear God, forgive me, for I know not what I type :p)
  15. Oh snap.....
  16. Rube Goldberg machines! homemade of course.

    The best one to complete the most meaningless task wins. Impressive by many standards, and will help with creativity.
  17. rofl.

    I do like DLeerium's idea though.

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