Interview with Criss Angel by Penn - Made me respect Angel more.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustinClark, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Ya, the internet can do that, no emotion you know.
  2. This is pretty old.

    Angel is still an ass though.
  3. its very funny isn't it, i'm possibly the biggest ANGEL fan on here, i even get bashed for taking up for criss, i mean, i love the stuff he puts out, are we sometimes pissed when we find out how he does it or some of the stuff is camera induce, yeah, but i like his swag, his style, his persona, and all...he helped me kinda get a feel for things other than just cards.....

    the man broadened my horizon to magic....but i don't see how "Angel Sucks!!" can come out the same mouth as " well he's ok in my book".....
  4. Jesus,at least watch the tape before putting it on t.v.

    I dont care what the interview had or anything. I dont like HIM. Him as a person,i just detest him constantly talking about himself.And having other people speak about how great he is at what he does.Theres no reason for it.
  5. I can't believe I just watched this video from beginning to end. Very Funny!

    * What did that darn hot dog cart do to him? Huh Thats my question!*
  6. I like how Angel furiously defends that he doesn't use camera tricks, but has no problem admitting to stooges (the twins), which is pretty much just as frowned upon in magic (at least, when overly used). Highlight of the interview for me, heh. :)
  7. The video clearly says it at the beggining, that hot dog cart was evil...:)

    I dont see the point of talking about Criss Angel in here, I dont see how this contributes to magic in any way.

    In case someone wanted to know.
  8. banacheck

    banachek emphasized that criss was a great down to earth guy, at a lecture of his. I met criss angel very briefly in the flesh. Although he was pissed to be followed by people, he seemed more than happy to be in a photo. I told him I was a huge fan of his show, to which he told me that he was very glad to hear it. He did seem to be a legitimately kind guy.

    banachek basically implied that criss angel changed when he became very successful and has isolated a good deal of his consultants, including banachek and luke jeremay.
  9. I love how people make passive-aggressive blanket generalizations to feel important....
  10. (My bolding)

    Sorry, this is what I just don't get: Why is this frowned upon? And why is this a big deal in denying it? We are supposed to keep our secrets secret.

    Our job is to entertain the audience, whatever audience we choose to cater to and the audience we get. If that audience isn't fellow magicians then why should someone who uses stooges and camera tricks, even "over-uses" them, be frowned upon even when he's trying to keep his secrets secret in public interviews....?

    Sorry, I don't mean to be insulting, but "frowning upon" this just seems like snobbery to me......
  11. I'll assume the question was to everyone, because in no way did I say I put forth my own opinion on the matter (which would be: I could care less how others perform their effects--I have no problem personally with using stooges, and would definitely do so in a mentalism stage routine. I'm not so keen on camera tricks, because that crosses the line from magician to actor from my point of view, but that's just how I roll. To each their own). Rather, I was just speaking on what I've noticed from the magic community as a whole. I'd be interested to hear what others say, though.

    (bolding mine)
    I'd like to remind you that you're talking about magicians here. :p
  12. Of all the David Blaine and Chris Angel parody's on youtube and what not, this is the only funny one. Just thought I'd through this in.

    By the way. If you want to talk about camera tricks and stooges, David Copperfield was the original king of camera tricks and stooges. Remember the Statue of Liberty vanish? An entire network tv special based around one big camera trick with a fake audience.

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