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  1. Ok, let's say we've finished with this question. Now, what help do you exactly need? :)
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    He proved nothing. Just didn't want to see good will go to waste is all.

    When a guy says and asks the same thing on page 5 as he did on page 1, after 4 pages of advice....that's a troll.
  3. Guys enough! Jesus. Don't scare the poor kid away. He said he was genuine so let it be. Actions speak louder than words. Give him the room and time to show us he means well.
  4. Thank you very much William. No one seems to even give me a chance. C'mon guys just give me a chance to prove myself. Instead some of you keep calling me a troll. If you say I've been trying to prove myself NOT to be a troll for 5 pages... Then you know what, you have been trying to prove that I AM a troll for 5 pages ;) Fair and square. It works both ways, you have been trying to prove that I'm a troll over and over again, and "apparently" I've been trying to prove I'm not a troll over and over again.

    William I appreciate what you said :)


    I need help in improving my presentation skills, audience management skills, and entertainment value. I want to get my mind off tricks, and become a better performer instead.

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  5. We have given 7 pages dedicated to helping you. I think we are giving you a chance. Just tell us what you need help with. Be specific.
  6. Yes I know, and I'm very happy. I need help in being a better performer. Specifically, improving my presentation skills, performance style, and entertainment value. And I need help in improving my audience management skills.

  7. Repetitively talking about the repetition in this thread. *cough cough* troll *cough*

    Setting aside all suspicions, we can now make this thread about presentation skills and performance style for absolute beginners. That way, even if there is messing going on, the thread might be of some use to someone reading.

    14 years old. Knows only mathematical card tricks. Not allowed to do card tricks because of religion. (is there anything it wont poison?) Looks like you're in a pickle.

    What religion is it? If you are christian, do you take part in church groups? a choir? a church drama group? do you ever do readings? All these would put you ahead of the curve, by having experience projecting your voice, public speaking, or acting lessons. You could get your hands on a deck of biblical cards. Self working routines would work just as well with biblical picture cards, and presentation would be easy, you already have all the stories you need.

    The only other major religion I can imagine having a problem with cards, is Islam. In which case, I don't know the situation so I cant give advice. Tell your parents to lighten up perhaps? Or maybe not...

    Dont work against your parents, try to reach an agreement, compromise.
  8. Yes I follow Islam. So I guess I'm screwed over.

    Ignoring that, let us talk about my area of focus, "Being a better performer" :)

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  9. To become a better performer, first you must actually be a performer. Why don't you slow down, and figure out how you're going to get some of the books that have been suggested already.
  10. I already have many PDFs. Some include:

    Ken Weber- Maximum Entertainment
    Corinda- 13 Steps to Mentalism
    Bobo- Coin Magic
    Juan Tamariz- Mnemonica
    Barrie Richardson- Theatre in mind
    Barrie Richardson- Impromptu CAAN Manuscript

    And I also have many PDFs by Derren Brown, Banachek, etc.

    In total I have 24 PDFs, do I really need more? ;)

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  11. Alright. That does it. This guy is a troll.
  12. Only one you listed is beginner material. Most of the authors you listed are not for beginners. The flippant attitude isn't helping you, either.

    Also, 24 PDFs, most of them completely unread I bet, is nothing. Take Bobo's and study it. Really study it. Spend at least six months reading and re-reading it. Pick a few tricks, maybe 5, and perform them for real people as often as you can. After every performance review to yourself how it went. Fix what didn't go well, and do it again.

    As for the forums, the best thing you can do for a while is shut up. You've annoyed people and tarnished your reputation. Stop talking until you have something interesting or significant to discuss. Silence will help you more than anything you say now.
  13. I don't know many of the tenets of Islam, but I do know from experience that a fight with religious people is a lose/lose scenario. Don't fight your parents on this, just adapt. Focus on coins for the next few months. You said you have Bobo's. So it's a pirated PDF, whatever, it's something.

    Study the book, learn some basic coin sleights and just work your way up. Start by doing simple one-off effects. Learn to hold a conversation without the magic, because if your behavior here is any indication, there's a lot to improve in that regard. The simple fact of the matter is that if you can't hold an audience without magic, then you can't hold them with it.

    Dude... stop. Most of the material you have is not going to be useful to you for years yet. You shouldn't have mentalism texts when you can't even do a classic palm. You're turning into an information junkie. More PDFs aren't going to help you when you have failed to act on any of them. There is no substitution for doing. You want to be a better perform. First you have to perform.

    And to echo what Christopher said, take a couple of weeks off. Just study Modern Coin Magic, test a few one-off effects in public, make not of your successes and failures and come back when you have something more to talk about. The more you talk, the greater the chances you'll say something stupid.
  14. Ok fine I'll study more, and talk less. But I want to clarify for the final time that I am no troll. Please understand that.
  15. Ok. . . I haven't waded through this quagmire but I have gleaned the previous two pages so I get the gist of things, I believe. One issue in particular throwing me in that I know many within Islam that love magic but refuse to learn it because it involves deception. Mohamed Ali used to explain how tricks worked after he'd perform them because of this particular tenet within said tradition. While this is entirely a personal choice, I would encourage you to speak with a few of your religious leaders on this issue before you put a lot of time addressing your questions . . . that is, if you see yourself as a devoted patron of the faith.

    Playing Cards Can ALWAYS be Substituted. Within Mentalism you will find a great number of old timers who refuse to use cards in their shows because of a long list of problems they introduce, but you will see them execute classic card routines using everything from matchbook covers & business cards to photos and postcards, so if you have certain card effects you like and wish to work with, find an alternative medium upon which to build the bit. This will certain require you to create a different approach to doing such work, including story-lines, but it would also give you some exclusive bits of magic and so the effort applied will ultimately pay off.

    Learning Patter, Showmanship Skills, etc. comes only through direct experience. That means you need to get involved with things that put you into the public eye -- community theater, public speaking . . . if you're still in school get involved with the Drama Department, Debate Team or Improvisation Groups. . .even choir, as someone mentioned earlier, is an excellent source when it comes to learning and developing your voice, a sense of comfort on stage, even diction (which is one of the biggest weaknesses most performers have; they do not speak clearly and in a concise manner).

    As has been pointed out (several times) is that you need to sit at least 90% of the stuff you've grabbed up, off to the side. Pick on thing, such as Bobo, and do nothing but study and work with the material in that text for the next 6+ months. Technically speaking there's enough material in Bobo to keep you busy for over a year . . . same goes with resources like the Tarbell Course in Magic, the Bill Tarr "Now You See It; Now You Don't" books on slights, "Magic & Showmanship" and several others, all of which are "introductions to magic" -- foundation material. Contrary to popular opinion, it takes 2-5 years of serious study and experimentation before an individual is remotely ready to perform on a steady "semi-professional" level. That is, IF that person wants to excel in skill level and general working knowledge -- the ability to be able to do magic at the drop of a hat, based on that foundation knowledge and without relying upon this or that gimmick or packet effect but rather, skill and know how.

    Your "Chance" to Prove Yourself Started Yesterday. . . you obviously have a desire to learn so look at what you have and start with the most basic resource on hand, augmenting that material as soon as you can with Tarbell or the Mark Wilson Course or the Bill Tarr books mentioned above. . . resources that will give you an understanding in slights that go a bit beyond coins & cards. Get yourself about 5 American half-dollars, a few antique English Penny's and I think it's the Mexican Centavo that's of similar size so that you can get used to the classic coin routines. That means you'll need a couple expanded shells and at least one "Sun & Moon" coin (Copper on one side, Silver on the other) . . . When you're ready bit the bullet and get a set of Fakini Billiard Balls; in my experience these are the best balls to learn ball manipulation with because they have a good weight and a tacky rubber surface. They are most excellent, I would not use anything other if I were to ever go back to traditional magic. I will warn you, these things are about $100.00 a set.

    Take your time and learn everything you can when it comes to working with each item. While that can be seen as over-kill, it will empower you when it comes to tailoring routines for yourself and not getting stuck in the rut of using the same methods everyone else uses. . . you will find yourself using a lot of those "generic" methods, but you will also find yourself incorporating lesser known techniques, which will allow your handling to differ in ways that will cause your fellow mage to "blink" -- to see you as being a bit more than a trick hack. . . I'll assume that's what you're after, no?

    One Last Note on Performance. . . study footage of other performers, NOT JUST MAGICIANS however. Find at least 3 different performers in 3+ genre of show biz, who inspire you and make you feel elated. Let those people become a template for you when it comes to character and public image. When I was a kid my chief influences were Vincent Price, Danny Kaye, and Donald O'Conner when it came to Movies but I likewise loved Joel Grey, Liza Minnelli, Ann Margret alongside most members of the Rat Pack in that these guys were "Class" entertainers -- multi-talented and sophisticated.

    These icons will certainly shift with time but certain one's will always be a constant; the famed "Monster Actors" of the past such as the Chaney's, Karloff, Price and even some of those of more recent times, like Walken have been there and when it comes to magic Blackstone, Richiardi, and Bob Cassidy have paved the way. My point being, find your handful of icons on which to focus and build your character. . . learn to "channel" them when you work.

    Best of luck!

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