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  1. How do you only do easy selfworking card tricks with 3 years experience. I also do mostly card tricks but that is because I like card tricks. Also I'm 13 have 2 years experience and do sleights with the cards.

    By the way there are many free easy tricks on the wire on this website check those out before you get other pirated things
  2. Oh yeah sorry about how I posted the above post I've been here awhile I just haven't posted many things with quotes I don't really know how to do it. Any help i would greatly appreciate it thanks.
  3. I difficult situation, but not insurmountable. I've heard worse.

    Let me start by saying there's no way you can win an argument with your parents over this. Take the indirect approach instead, but don't neglect school in the process.

    You'll want to go to the library and see what they have. Anything is good at this point. Mark Wilson's I've already mentioned, but you'll also want to see if they have a copy of Modern Coin Magic. This is considered by many the ur-text of coin magic. If you can get the book long enough to learn about a half-dozen sleights, that should be more than enough to work with for months, if not years to come. The advantage here is that coins are everywhere. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top actually said that the reason he (sometimes) uses an old 5 peso coin as a pick is because when the band were first starting out he kept losing his picks in the bars they played at, but he could always find or borrow a quarter.

    While you're in school, see if there's a way to get in on any stage productions or plays, even if it's only crew. Something to get you experience and stage time or at least watching how the teachers guide the students and tell them the basics of acting and stagecraft.

    I would also recommend that you start reading more books and watching more movies, especially in the realm of speculative fiction. I cannot recommend The Twilight Zone enough. The whole series is now on Netflix and you can probably find the best episodes streaming somewhere if you look for them. The writing in the show was so astute in its social commentary on the human condition that many of the episodes have been imitated or referenced to the point of cliche.

    I'm also a big fan of Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman and recommend you look into some of their books. "Stardust" just had its 15th anniversary this year and was Neil's attempt to create a fantasy novel like those seen in the 1920's before "Lord of the Rings" was published. And of course "Something Wicked This Way Comes" is one of the greatest novels ever written. Another magician and I have recently talked about a show influenced by Avatar: the Last Airbender, which is one of the better shows of the last decade. There's more in my blog. Haven't had much time to work on it lately, but the archives should provide good reading material.
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    So... here is a was posted by Craig in another forum or I think also here...

    The books there are awesome and very cheap...but not because they are cheap, are worthless... you can buy them there for around 4 bucks each...and you´ll have plenty material to start working on a full show!!

    I just bought 5 books and I am starting to read them...

    about you downloading pirate magic? has all been said by steerpike, Tyler and others...please don´t do it...

    Anyway..glad to have you here and that you are willing to change...feel free to ask me anything and I´ll try to help you too!!!
  5. Well this escalated quickly...someone just need's to shut this thread down...
  6. What for? Things seem to be going well. If this is your idea of escalation, I'd hate to see you when people start talking about politics.
  7. My god's better than yoooouuurrrr god! @Steerpike
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    Yes I kinda hide, and do it. No BS believe it or not. For the decks, I have 3 as I won them in games, etc.
    My parents didn't buy me the decks, I had to go get them myself (For ex. Winning them etc.).
    And yes I want to become a real magician, that's why I'm here.

    Also I have Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, it's part of my pirated collection. I can't buy books so I have to use pirated books, etc. If I had the money, I would glady buy books, material, props, etc. On the other hand, my parents won't even buy Magic-related material for me, so I indeed have no other choice.

    I need some serious advice. Please help. I'm willing to make a change from Average Magician to Real Magician. I am up for it.

    Cheers, CardTrickster
  9. You literal have pages of magicians telling you exactly what to do. Stop saying you have no other choice, stop mucking about, and just listen.
  10. I think you guys got trolled here. Someone thought it would be funny to take your willingness in wanting to help a young magician and waste your time. He also knew the idea of someone pirating material would get a rise.

    I highly doubt this is a 14 year old. My 6 year old nephew can understand things better than this.
  11. If it is indeed a troll, what exactly did he prove? That I love what I do and will patiently help people who show an interest in it? Yeah, he sure showed me.
  12. Why are there so many trolls on theory11 recently? What computer god did we upset?
  13. I don't think he is a "troll" actually. Just a boy who wants to hear " Good job, man! I have downloaded all my 34GB collection for free, too, I have not paid a single penny!! Just download some videos of (names of cool tricks here) and grab my 15 decks of cards I had not used yet, I'll send you them tomorrow, just tell me your street address." and nothing more than that. Indeed I had pirated one video, but when I saw what effort the creator had put into it I bought it, although I already had it...
    And by the way, My parents didn't give me any money... I just earned everything myself.
    Good luck
  14. Ok I'm sorry.
    I'll listen more and talk less.
    Happy :D

    Cheers, CardTrickster
  15. Why don't you get a job. 14 is easily old enough for a paper round or something similar. Other than that I'm not going to echo what others have said. It is good though, to hear that you want to change.
  16. Thank you. I'm glad myself, I made the step to join this forum, because I learned a whole lot already. Such as "Never give up, and always try your best", and "Don't use illegal material".

    Again thank you very much guys, :)

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D
  17. Yep he's totally BSing us.
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    Guys what do you mean?
    I only said that I am learning. I'm praising this community. I'm saying that I'm glad to be a member here. Idc what you think of me, I was only sharing what I think of you guys.

    I don't know why you have to be so negative about this? You don't know me and you are saying I'm BSing...? I expected more from you guys. I thought you guys said you are very smart compared to LMT and SoMF. TBH, so far I see nothing. I don't know where you're getting these ideas of me BSing from? I said that you guys are already teaching me a whole lot of lessons already....and you're calling this BS???

    Please explain. I am praising this community, and you are calling this BS.

    I don't understand.
  19. Well, this community just had a troll here a few days ago and now this pops up. People are reacting negatively to your praise because they feel that it's not genuine. They assume you're going to continue doing what you've done thus far, and some are probably also thinking that you're just pulling their leg.
  20. I assure you I'm genuine. I am no troll. I am here to learn, not waste your time. I'm serious for what I do, that's why I'm here :)
    I understand your reasoning. It's ok.

    Cheers, CardTrickster :D

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