Is it alright to use a stooge?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hello people! I just want to know your opinions if it's okay to use a stooge? Thanks!
  2. Is it ok, however it comes completely down to personal opinion more than anything. I would never use one but a lot of performers use stooges and use them well.
  3. 100 percent OK.

    I read a couple of essays from Luke Jermay and others about TV magic and how if you are gonna do something amazing it's O.K. to go ALL the way to achieve the effect. And if it means hiding in the background using a stooge, cutting the camera to a certain it! Something you can apply to your own performance.

    Mentalists do two-way coding all the time (using a stooge/assistant)

    Instant stooging is my preferred method. Something I will be doing to make it seem like I am paying for my meal in paper money when I go out with my friends next time.
  4. This is merely personal opinion, but why use a stooge when you could come up with an alternate handling of an effect that doesn't require a stooge?
  5. Some effects no matter how skilled you are, cannot be achieved as clean as you would like to be..
  6. I don´t use them for personal reasons but it is okay to use them.
    Although i don´t say i´ve used a stooge i have from time to time used friends to be a type of clap starters. Just for the sake of a good reaction they will clap at the right points in my performances just to get people going.
    But the fact is you have to really think it through and understand what could go wrong.

  7. to my opinion, if you you to be famous, use stooge(s)
  8. Can you name a single major named Magician/Illusionist/Mentalist who hasn't done so?

    Using stooges is very, very common, especially when it comes to publicity stunts or trying to get one over on another mage. I know one guy who's wife stooged for another Mentalist 20 years ago just to baffle him and get him flustered. . . she didn't let him know until a couple of years ago, what really happened.

    There's at least a few dozen Telephone routines (tricks over the phone) that use a confederate on the other end of the line, my ex and I did a full 20-minute act doing exactly this; I'd force a phone number that "belonged to a randomly chosen psychic in the phone book" which gave them her and voila! Instant act...

    THE CATCH IS. . . don't over do it! Don't use too many confederates in any one show and don't use too many people in the role of confederate (secrecy is your friend!)
  9. It is perfectly fine as long as you do it well. I don't have issues with the fact that CA uses stooges for his TV show. I have a problem with how he uses them. Too..."Over the Top" so as to make it obvious that a stooge was used. Ie. cutting open some guys head to pull out a card. Real dumb idea IMO.

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