Jerry's Nugget for $80

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by KBillusions, May 1, 2009.

  1. Someone, on this forum and I am not going to tell you who it is:p, is offering me a deck of Jerrys for 80$. Barely used and its only been shuffled 3 times, should I take it or wait for a "JACKPOT"!!!!!!
  2. Sounds a little fishy to me but heck its up to you.
  3. It's up to you.
  4. NO i mean i talk to the guy and I know him very well.
  5. I just sold a SEALED deck for $80. Somebody gave me an opened deck for free.
  6. i think its stupid to pay that much for cards, they're just pieces of paper.
  7. Well, if your into cardistry like I am good cards are AWESOME and can help you when executing the moves.
  8. Just like how a pair of Air Jordans will help you with your game if you're a bad player.
  9. I dont think they're gonna make me better I just collect cards. That would be great for my collection?
  10. not necessarily, the price of jerrys has nothing to do with being easily manipulated by cardists, there only over priced because they are rare and nothing else, and they cannot help you when executing moves... Only practice can do that. And every time someone opens a deck of jerrys expecting a godly deck of cards is doing nothing more than disappointing themselves and raising the price of deck one deck at a time. So the only person I would recommend buy jerrys are serious collectors. So if you want a deck that is simillar to jerrys and worth the money go grab a deck of Wynns and save yourself $100.
  11. -Not really, I believe that's called practice.
    -Just because that price of Jerrys doesn't mean that the cards will make you better to manipulate.
  12. based on you.....The Declaration of Constitution is just an old piece of paper?
  13. Stupid isn't even a word for it. Crazy is what I would use.
  14. Btw Jerry's cost that much because a few twins used them in one of there dvds;)
  15. ohh my God, thats not what im getting at.
  16. But back to the main topic, should i or not?
  17. if u want, its up to u
  18. Well thats a pretty straight up answer, lol:p

    Also why dont you ever go on tokbox anymore
  19. ^^^^was on all night tonight
  20. yea and so did;
    Dai Vernon, Steve Freeman, Randy Wakeman, Earl Nelson, Larry Jennings
    Michael Skinner, Ed Marlo, Bill Goldman, Daryl, Lee Asher...
    probably the people who convince the twin to pick up the jerrys in the first place.

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