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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Donald C., Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Ok, a new begginnig. After years of people saying "you need to branch out to other magic" well I am going to give it another shot.

    So I worked at a magic shop all weekend to earn a few effects.
    I got :
    4 half dollars
    Expanded half dollar shell
    2 jumbo coins [ quarter / half dollar ]

    One of the guys who worked their show me a few things like Shadow coins, in the hands coin across, and an ending with the jumbo coin.

    I love the shadow coins routine, and I don't really like the in the hands coin routine but I do like the fact that the last transposition is in the spectators hand, I also love the jumbo production.

    So I guess my question is can someone point me in the right direction for a coins across routine with an expanded shell that ends with the spectator transposition? A video, or DVD would be great.

    Thank you
    - Donald
  2. Hey man,

    I know you are not a huge fan of Jay or atleast i thought thats what u told me lol Revolutionary coin magic actually is simple and hard hitting coin magic including transpositions with spectators. It is pretty useful.

  3. umm most obvious answer would be david roths shelled coins accross in his book, expert coin magic
  4. Coin Across

    A very nice one is Danny Garica's "Personal Safe".
    It is what your looking for I promise.
    Good Luck.

    -Jon R.
  5. Donald, Jay Noblezada (unless that's who you're not a fan of) has a great dvd which has two Coins Across/Transposition effects.

  6. Does Personal Safe, involve an expanded shell, because right now I am only looking for coin magic utilizing an expanded shell.
    - Donald
  7. why? some epic effects can be utilized with only four coins. Thats right NORMAL coins. Get Palms of Steel one. Its Hard Material, but if you give the time of day the routine "Silver Circle" ( the majority of the video) you will become a much better coin magician. Pick up modern coin magic by jb bobo to learn the palms and grips of cions, then get richard kaufman's "coinmagic" for an epic treatise on modern coin magic. TOOC has some epic coin magic. (even an effect with a shell!) Also, if you can get alhold of it, troy hoosers exTROYdinary has some rad coin magic. that should get you started.

  8. Agreed. Why limit yourself to only using a shell? Also, I second TOOC for some excellent coin routines.
  9. bobos and roth's expert coin magic should keep you busy(in fact roths has several good coins across, his shell coins across is probably what your looking for), and maybe get TOOC, its all pretty simple and not that difficult. Palms of steel will most likely make you want to rip your hair out at this stage.
  10. I do knuckle busting card magic, I do not want to do hard coin magic, just easy stuff that looks best to spectators, it is my decision I want to make, which is going to be for about the 1st year of my coin magic adventure I am going to stick with magic just using an expanded shell.
  11. There are many effect that look great without a shell that are easy to accomplish. Like I said, why are you limiting yourself. It's like saying you'll never use gimmicks in card magic. You'll only hurt yourself and your magic.
  12. It is just what I want to try for at least the first few months, and I will see how it goes from there.
  13. but thats the thing. if you really want your coin magic to look good, it wont be easy. unless you use gimmicks, and not just a halfshell. Sure you have a half shell, but any good routine with it is intermediate to hard. but i guess you want easy stuff right? then learn the french drop.
  14. Pick up WGM Expanded Shells - all you need to know about Expanded Shell magic (well almost).
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    YES YES YES YES! Just what I was going to say! Get that and maybe Shellraiser by Troy Hooser. Get those, and pick up Bobo's for the greatest material ever created. (who ever says "It's good, but dated" needs to be smacked in the face and groin by an electric eel.) Not dated, just needs a change of patter (but only on some). Also, do not limit yourself. Pick up the other recommendations too! I listed only shell magic, aside from bobo's of course. If you want to do coin magic, DO COIN MAGIC. Expanded shells should come later. You need a good classic palm, false transfer and other fundamentals before even picking up a shell.

    Might I also suggest David Stones Basic Coin Magic Vol. 1 and 2. That will take advantage of all of your new coin props (jumbo coins, multiple coins, etc.) But, Bobo's is your best bet, along with WGM expanded shells and possibly ShellRaiser. I actually have both, and aquired a great deal from both on the expanded shell. It is now the only gimmick I regularly carry on me when performing.

    All the best,
  16. Eh, skip Shellraiser - really doesn't have anything useful that WGM doesn't (except maybe exTROYdinary Light - that's pretty good). I really didn't find anything in BOBO that Roth didn't already cover on the WGM DVD.
  17. Looks like he already has a shell, so why not use it.
    Yes, Personal Safe does use shell. I personally don't believe routine has to be hard to be good. I think CoinOne was another one that uses shell, but I'm not too sure on that one. I don't have a shell, so I don't look for those...
  18. try coin one or two by homer liwag

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