"Lowcard" Clothing

Jan 1, 2008
I shop for clothes at my local skate shop and i was getting some new shirts and I noticed there is this new skate brand called "Lowcard" the best part...their logo is a 2 of clubs...I almost peed myself i was so excited, whats better than revealing a chosen card on your shirt and/or hat???!!!!! I came up with a mentalist routine using this, 3 decks, force the two of clubs 3 times on 3 different spectators reveal that they have all selected the same card, unzip your jacket to reveal it printed on your shirt, I plan on doing it for a talent show:D
Jan 13, 2008
I'm pretty sure Bathing Ape has had some cards on their clothing, as well. So has Avirex (I have a King of Diamonds shirt...like, the full card taking up the full front of the t-shirt; a matching pants and zip up long sleeved shirt, both with the same king of diamonds, but only half of it (i.e., not the full card)...and the shirt is pin striped, with rows of tiny little suit pips acting as the stripes; I have a t-shirt with a poker hand with what looks like the dead kings from E's gaff deck...except, it's all of the cards in the hand, heh). I'm sure there will be more brands in the future featuring cards, too--keep an eye out! :)
Mar 8, 2008
New Hampshire
That would be a very nice way to reveal the card, there also is Jay Sankey's revelation shirt, if you are looking for another way to put clothing into an act.
Oct 20, 2008
Austin, TX area
Why limit yourself? A Google search for gambling patches or card suit patches yields all kinds of online stores. Add some generic numbers and the whole deck is at your disposal.
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