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  1. I auditioned for the magic castle junior society in september, they said that they liked my routine but that since i have only been doing magic for 2 years I needed to do magic for longer before they would accept me. I really want to do well in my next audition and I think it would be helpful if people would post some videos of their routines. Thanks! oh and just to clarify, I just want ideas I'm not going to steal anyone's routine.
  2. I doubt anyone is going to take the time out of their day to film their own personal routine that they've worked on for a long time, with someone who they've never met before, but is just asking them on an internet magic forum.

    I for one, would never give up my sets that I've been working on for 5 years fine-tuning.

    Although you might not go in with the intention of "stealing" someone's routine, it is very tempting to take some patter, or a move that you see...

    Just some thought, maybe just practice your own routine, and ask for feedback on it - how can you make it better? Is it too long, too short? How fluid is the patter...etc.?

    Good luck.
  3. There a quite a few a castle members on these forums, myself being one of them. The best tip when performing: look at the audience as much as possible, and talk loud enough so that the people in back can hear you. Very important.

    You can take a look at Michael Stern's Future Stars performance here:

  4. i happen to be a junior member, and they probably just want the presentation to be better...that will just come with experience (time) a lot of the time its the presentation and not just your skill.
  5. You need to have a solid set with great presentational skills. They move people in and out of the room quickly and the routine needs to be right around 15 minutes...not too much longer. Anything over 18 minutes when they are trying to rotate the guests in and out, management doesn't seem to get real happy.

    Variety is nice as well. Instead of just cards...try adding coins, rubberbands, or whatever other items you may have in your set. Humor and audience participation is an added bonus. Good luck.
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    You're not going to get anything out of seeing the people on this forums acts, and even when the people here DO actually film stuff. It's not a set/act. It's usually like one or two things they did for friends.
  7. Heya, I'm Anna. I just auditioned last September as well and I got in. I am happy to hear you gave it a go.

    First off, the presentation must be good enough. I saw some people this year do an almost self working trick and get in because of performance. I have been doing magic for about 4 and a half years (well). I have been doing magic for about 6 years in all. It is (In my head) 30% skill, 70% performance.

    The Magic Castle has high standards for the junior magicians. Higher standards compared to the adult magicians who I talk to there every weekend. With 2 years of magic you just might not be at the level yet. Don't worry. Just keep on trucking.

    Right now you have a manual for success in the next audition. The letter they sent you tells you what you can improve on so use that as a road map and be sure to give your BEST. And of course for the love of god and all that is holy DO NOT GO OVER 5 MINUTES.

    For my audition I did an advanced rubber band routine by Chris Kenner with my own One coin routine I created. All with my own connecting patter. I am generally a card magician 70% of the time however since I auditioned for close up I chose not to do cards in order to stand out in all of the card magicians that were auditioning too.

    I feel that the reason why I was able to get in on my first time was because I visited the castle frequently and I talked to other Juniors and I got info on the auditions so I knew what I was in for. I also showed them my audition and got great feedback which I applied to myself and then showed them again to see if I did what they said correctly and then got more advice.

    If you need any advice or an invite to the castle again just give me a PM.

    Again, congrats on taking the first step. It is hard to do. Have a good one.

  8. Actually Rick, he is referencing the JUnior Program, not the adult membership. You get only 5 minutes, not 15.
  9. He is auditioning for the Junior program where if you go over 5 MINUTES you are disqualified. Your advice is probably for the adult members.

    Oops, Zach beat me to it. :p
  10. Want to stand out to them? Do all sorts of card-deforming stuff with Jerry's Nuggets. TnR's, signed cards, dip them in water, burn them... Destroy the hell out of them. Also, a stuffed animal Pikachu and a pair of nunchucks for good luck are advised. Just make sure there aren't any drugs around. We all saw what happened to the last Pikachu when he found out about drugs via Infected LOL.
  11. that won't impressed no one.........
  12. My advice is short and sweet. "Don't suck."

    There ya go kidies, best of luck!
  13. Ah Will, always bringing that "just walk the plank" attitude into every conversation. The Nike slogan has nothing on you.

    He's right, learn a routine, go for it. Make sure your routine flows, I know it's not on any DVD but most magicians have coherent sets.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2010 bad. You are correct Zach. I keep forgetting a lot of you guys / gals are Juniors.

    I'm not sure how long the adult auditions are but once you are on the bill, you can run your set about 15 minutes and then you need to get the crowd out the door by the 18 minute mark.

    Are any of you going to be at the castle Dec. 6th - Dec. 10th? My friend Ed Ellis who used to work Ceasar's Palace, The Castle, and Blackpool will be working the close up room in the early evening shows during that week. I just helped him with his routine yesterday because it was running 22 minutes and we needed to chop some material.

    Don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself to him. He is a good guy and will show you some of his new material coming out.
  15. thanks for all the help
  16. Sadly the Juniors won't be able to go due to the fact that the Castle is 21 and over. The juniors and kids under 21 are allowed on the weekends for brunch only unless there will be a young adult night then hell yeah. ;)
  17. guys aren't allowed to even go in to meet some of the professionals in the evenings? That kind of stinks. Perhaps some of them stick around on the weekends to meet with you but I bet most probably don't. Oh well.
  18. No, you'd be surprised. I see and talk with Shoot Ogawa a lot and Chris Kenner dropped by about a month ago when I was studying in the library at about 6:30. There are young adult nights where kids under 21 can go to the castle at night.

    And during the weekends the library is also open from 5pm to 7pm. I study in the library and adult members come downstairs. It is very nice.
  19. I wish I could join the Magic Castle, too bad I'm in Nashville. :(
  20. At least you're in the US. I'M IN BC!!

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