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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. So in a couple months I will be meeting Ke$ha and be performing magic for her. One of my friends brought up a good point that she probably is........well, lets just say not the nicest person haha and might not care for even 1 trick. Anyone got any ideas how I can deal with this?
  2. Try to find some effects that are really magical and visual but quick. If you feel she wont want to b part of it then dont do like a card trick where they pick a card and then put it in the deck and have them hold this and do that cuz then she gets too many instructions and will get bored. Do something like a vanishing coin or some kind of appearance. Or a cool idea would be to say that your ino magic and ask for her autogrsph on a card. Make up some witty patter about how her autograph is special and go into an ambitious card routine
  3. Don't do tricks for her directly, instead, do tricks for her crew, get them amased, when she sees that most of the crew are into it, her ego will tell her to be part of it as well :)
  4. I think you should do your usual, safe, well-practiced routine that you're good at, the one that always gives you reactions. If she does not want to watch your magic she is the one losing. If she disrespects you, she can go f*ck herself. But i think that on the right time and place, everybody wants to see some magic.. Good luck! :)
  5. Actually that the best advice you could be given. Great point RD
  6. I agree with RD. Also how did you get hold of Ke$ha? Or get to perform for her?
  7. I don't know much about Ke$ha, but what little I just googled, you should use glitter, she likes glitter apparently.

    Of course, she could be very open to you performing and love every minute of it-that's the great part about meeting people, you don't have to assume they're not nice.
  8. Ok well if she deosnt care, thats her problem. I would do french kiss by wayne houchin because its simple and always works on girls trust me.
  9. You should do something with fire... or French Kiss

    Just sayin. :)
  10. It sounds corny, but French Kiss is indeed a good choice. While performing over the summer in my Downtown area, I did French Kiss to a couple of college girls and after they were done flipping out, they wanted to take a picture with me. I couldn't decline that request...

    It's also one of the most simple yet strong pieces of magic. I can't stress this saying enough: "Most of the time, the simple magic is always the strongest."

    Good luck with Ke$ha man! Who knows, she might want to have a bit more time with you after your performance... :p
  11. So true! you know what card effects I do that normally get the best reactions? Predicting someones card and red hot mama.
  12. My friend Tom Isaacson knew her before she exploded onto the scene and did magic for her, she loves magic. It will also help if you grew a beard and didn't take care of it for a while - it will help.
  13. Why not find a way to relate magic to her song lyrics, there isn't much I can say to start you off with an idea, her music isn't my style so I wouldn't know what song to recommend to you but I don't think it should be all that hard to find a trick to tie into her lyrics
  14. Oh really?!!! :D

    Sweet!!! That boosted by confidence 10 fold! Thanks Andrei!!!!!!
  15. I forgot that Tom was a "Celebrity Magician". :)

    Fun fact: Taylor Swift went to my high school before she got famous. But I wasn't in high school at the time. Sad story.
  16. nice bro! in my opinion she seems like she could be either way... either critical or not. It's not your fault if she happens to not be the nicest person and doesn't want to watch your tricks... thats her fault and she'll be missing out. Yet lets hope she will want to see and if not like someone else had said try and get her attention by starting off with her crew.

  17. Yes- Kesha really likes magic. A lot! Just make sure you introduce it at the right time, but she definitely should give you a shot. Also- per Andrei's comment, a large un-trimmed beard will score you points!

    Good luck.
  18. If you can find a way to incorporate glitter, Jack Daniel's Toothpaste, and face-paint into your ACR, you will be set. All kidding aside, keeping it simple is always the way to go. I think there was a video of a magician doing tricks to Ke$ha that popped up somewhere online, not sure where I saw it previously. Then meet her in the back, with the Jack, and the jukebox. Too soon?

  19. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for all the great advice! I'll let you guys know how it turns out!

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