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    King's rising is in "You got Served'
  2. Do not waste your time watching "Magicians". This is my opinion.
  3. What about Terror Train. 1980 slasher flick about a bunch of kids throwing a party on a train. The flick features David Copperfield, who not only performs a fair amount of magic (at said train party) but also gets to play the red herring character. Definitely not a movie focused on magic, but I do believe that it is the only movie Copperfield ever acted in.
  4. I remember a young Lance Burton was on an episode of the original Knight Rider with David Has-a-cough.

    In The Crow: City of Angels, Ash (the main character) did a few (not so) tricks.
  5. I remember that episode of knight rider ha ha.


    Lets see...
    Shade, the illusionist, The prestige, Smoking aces.. Isnt their one about houdini comin out soon?

    It isnt about magic, But the movie "21" Loks really good, Its about the card counters from MIT
  6. Yeah 21 does look really good. But besides that thank you everyone for helping out!!!
  7. i disagree

    im sorry to say shade was about hustlers it had magic in it for not even a scene
  8. None of these movies have that much magic.
  9. Its about hustlers, but its also about cheating, which in turn gives the movie alot of cool parts with card sleights and an awesome opening credits with the sleights shown through a clear table from underneath. Theres quite a bit of cool card stuff in this movie. I bought the dvd at a used movie store for like 2 bucks. I think its pretty good.
  10. Shade isn't about magic in itself, but it is about card mechanics and how they cheat. I'd reccommend watching it, the story is interesting and the movie is good. It has Slyvestor Stallone in it, so that should help you if you need to search for it, once again the title is "Shade".

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