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  1. Hello all.

    Earlier today I was grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, and I noticed that every time I open the bottle, I classic palm the cap, almost automatically. After thinking about this for a while, I wondered how many other habits I have developed through the constant practice of magic and manipulation.

    So I'm asking everybody to think about their daily life, and post some habits that you know have developed from your experience with magic.

    I'm looking forward to the responses.
  2. When somebody hands me a pen or a pencil, I do the paddle move while I take it away. :)
  3. While talking to friends and family, I steal small items from them. Its usually funny at dinner stealing a fork or spoon from them, then after they ask for or get another utensil i say its right here and give it back to them. Drives them crazy. haha
  4. Hey there,

    With coins i ll classic palm it unintentionally, just like Spade444, and with pen or pencil, flip stick move will come naturally, and with credit card, the Dischover by Danny G or tenkai palm will always be done by me. How about the rest of the forum member?

  5. I tenkai palm.... basically anything that I can hold in tenkai palm. Haha!
  6. i hold my phone in mechanics grip
  7. When I've to pay something I do false transfers with the coins while I wait...
  8. I'm a bartender so every time I open a beer the cap goes into classic palm, and I like to false transfer coin change and give them an empty hands worth.

    I tenkai my MVP, Kroger Plus and VIC Cards at grocery stores and usually pluck them out of the air when asked if I have one.

    I also like to make pens vanish into their caps when done with them...
  9. i card spin my credit card when presenting it.

    flip stick around with pens.

    tenkai id cards

    finger palming coins when about to pay for stuff...
  10. Tenkai or throw vanish credit / debit cards while standing in grocery store. People around me probably think something is wrong with me. Ha Ha. Especially since I am 33.
  11. Keep Em coming guys, I guess I'm not as weird as i thought!
  12. The classic palming things like Spade444 said. Flipstick with pens, Charlier cut two boxes of anything square/rectangular (Gum,tic tacs, erasers). I also do the Jones spin with practically everything, if its something thats too big for that like a TV remote or cell phone then I do the Revolution Flipback. If theres no object around I also do those finger exercises from the Trilogy. Another super weird thing is when Im in a moving vehicle, I try to spot people who would be perfect magic targets. I always think you should target performing for two sorts of people, either those who are having a good time already in a group or those who seem unoccupied. The first may get you a better reaction, but if your performing style is cheerful, it may just brighten someone's day. So I keep an eye out for such people,even when I don't intend to perform its sort of a habit now.

    - Jenai
  13. I almost always automatically Downs palm a cap from a bottle to hold it so I can drink out of the bottle. I did this a few times today, in fact.
    When playing cards with my friends I almost always do a push through shuffle and/or and up-the-ladder cut.

    These are really interesting to read. Thanks for starting this thread!
  14. Oh, I also "cheat" when playing cards with friends... I bottom deal random cards, second deal even if I dont know which card is in top of the pack... Its a lot of fun!
  15. I tenkai steal my girlfriend form their parents everytime.
  16. With my phone im always doing a revolution flip back and do a sicors cut with tic tac boxes and always palm a cap when i open a bottle.
  17. I TG deck flip my phone :D
  18. I try to figure out a way to palm, vanish and produce pretty much anything I can get my hands on. For a while I'd practice color changes for my credit card to my ID. Say you buy beer and present your credit card, they say they need ID and you can snap change your card into your ID.
  19. Haha..there was this one time, I was buying some sweets, and I tried to pay the cashier but I accidentally palmed the coins!! It was very embarrassing...
  20. i spin my phone, classic palm bottle caps, and finger palm matches
    Non physical related habits:
    - I tend to not take anything for granted anymore. I thinks about what happens behind the scenes of every issue, and I'm very analitical Ex, I will look at a simple evryday objects and think about all the work that went into making it. I got this habit from knowing how many little slights and subtleties go into a simple magic effect
    - I tend to "read" people alot better, and their mood, and if what theyre saying is genuine or not. I got this habit from practicing audience management and psycology.

    Magic truly changes the way that we think, and how we live our everyday lives

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