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  2. heh pic is way too big. Try again.

  3. where is the edit button
  4. Wow big pic. But no I mainly do magic in the hands, and use my computing table if I need to.
  5. beside the quote button ;)
  6. That looks nice and orgamized. I don't have a table, but I do have a cabinet where I keep all of my gimmicks books, and DVDs.
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    Also, in order to see the picture, for those who didn't know, all you have to do is right click on the picture, and select "View Image". :)
  8. My computer desk...thats my office and practice area...its an isolated place in my i'm never bothered there....pretty sweet huh????
  9. Watermelon Bees! lol, I like those cards.
  10. Dang, all of those are so organized and so neatly layed out.

    Where my magic happens is also where The magic happens; my bed. I also have a lacoste shoe box full of cards, matches, sharpies and rubber cement. All you guys' setups are making me a little jealous.
  11. I have a desk with a laptop, close up pad, a deck of cards, some coins, gimmicks and books. Lots of books.
  12. This is the cabinet I was talking about. I have all of my magic stuff in their. Inside of the lock box are gimmicks plus a few small books. I'm pretty much out of cards right now (only three decks, two of which can't fan, one of which is missing three cards!) Don't worry I'm getting 4 Tally-Hos 2 Split Spades and one deck of blue bikes sometime this week, it depends on Theory11 shipping.

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  13. Just a little advice in the nicest way. I don't have any problems with T11 or E but I would think about spending that money of yours on magic from other sources to be well rounded if you really love the art of magic. We don't need to groomed E & T11 kids anymore. Even T11 would back me on this. There are sources everywhere that will do you alot of good and open your eyes to much more in magic. I would suggest purchasing a few of these products and stay away from the cards for a while it's cliche.

    - Apocalypse years 6-10 (Harry lorayne)
    - Bobo's Moidern Coin Magic
    - Hugard's Card Manipulations
    - Marlo stuff
    - Malone stuff
    - Erdnase Stuff

    Otherwords expand your knowledge it's only good for you. These books helped me out. Take your pic ease up on the card purchases.
  14. Thanks man, I actually have Bobo's guide in an eBook. I recently subscribed to Genii which I know has great info. I buy Split Spades as a treat for myself, they're the best cards in my opinion, but way too exspensive. After useing those I couldn't go back to bikes so I use tallys as my go to deck. Theory11 sells them for the same price as Walgreens sells Bikes. I still get bikes because I need them for TnRs and signing cards. Most of those DVDs are old except for Art of Magic and Torn. I was planning on getting just AOM but I found out it didn't have Wayne's TnR on it and I really wanted a TnR. I heard that Ripped and Restored was really good and Torn was slightly easier.

    I'm trying to move away from card magic and I have a little easier time learning from videos. Do you know if Jay Sankey's "No Card Tricks" is a good Dvd. I cam't seem to find any reviews. I need to work on the stuff I have though so that's a far off purchase.

    Thanks for judging me!

  15. Didn't want it to sound like I was judging you my friend. I personally don't have Sankey's " No card tricks" but his actual hard back book " Sankey Unleashed" is pretty good. The thing about Sankey is most of his notes, DVD's, and books are all regurgited material, which is fine but it means you don't have to buy everything of his "Unleashed" is good enough. Don't get me wrong about card magic I perform it at every gig but its only about 20% of my show. But I'm also a stage kinda guy for close up its fine to add more but try and balance it with the rest of your material I find that your feedback is 20 times better. Genii is a VERY good source of material for learning the real inner workings of magic great choice bro. I use my own version of T&R when I perform it but I haven't seen Wayne's yet so I don't know. If you ever need any help feel free to PM me and I'll try my best to help you. Peace.
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    Alright thanks, I'll be on the lookout for "Unleashed." I'll probably lay off it for a while because I'm saving up for a new camera. Wayne's TnR is great by the way. I saw it at his lecture.

    By the Way; you're only one post away from 1,000 posts!
  17. beat me kidding....but is that legal??? picture is kinda big....raiker be on here a lot....
  18. i know what you mean by expanding your knowledge, i totally agree with you. but, cards have so many possibilities. why would you not need cards?

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