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Nov 29, 2008
This is for a rehandling of an effect i'm working on. I have been working on the method for a little while., but I seem to have hit a snag. I don't know where to go from a point i'm at. I had a move devised but it didn't seem very smooth in real time.

The situation is this: I have the deck in my left hand, and a face up card palmed in my right hand. For advice, the card can either be in tenkai, flat palm, or classic palm, because those are the positions i can get in. The card is an odd'backed card ffrom the rest of the deck. I'm trying to get the card until the middle of the deck secretly. Obviously this entails the odd back not being seen, so just capping the deck and cutting is out. Please PM me with any thoughts. I don't know if this is exactly appropriate, but i'm not exposing any effects and we aren't talking about method in the thread so i think we are clean.

Thanks in advance
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Jun 1, 2009
You can spread the cards, thus covering up the odd backed card and use what ever patter justifies the spreading. Then you place the odd back somewhere in the middle without them seeing. I got this idea from TOOC, so credits to Chris Kenner.
Nov 20, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Replacing the palm to the bottom sounds like the best idea so far.

But for the sake of brainstorming, let me add another. Simply replace the palmed card on top via your preferred method and perform a wrist kill at the same time to hide the reversed card. Spread through the cards face up to show them briefly if you'd like and can justify the motion. Then perform a turnover pass as you flip the deck face down again.
Sep 1, 2007
Larry Jennings' "Classic Magic" book teaches a palm return which is pretty much what prae described; you add the card to the top of the deck in the action of turning it over end for end - very simple to do and very well hidden.

Spread the cards face up and guys, lets leave the culls and the passes out of it....simply breaking the spread in the middle as you deliver an appropriate patter line and replacing the right hand's cards under left hand's cards is an easy, natural and moveless way to centre the card that doesn't draw attention to itself.

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