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  1. Whilst writing an eight page paper on Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael, I was playing around with my cards (i am really good at procrastinating) and was just performing some slights. Just curious to see what slights you find the most fun to perform when your just fooling around with cards????
    Mine would probably be the double undercut palm.


    By the way i meant to title the tried slEight - typo :p
  2. Orbit Control by Chris Brown.
  3. The Classic Pass is fun to perform for me aspecially if you have like a three phase ambitious card routine to practice it in.
  4. The pass, top change, double lift and the side steal.
  5. Loose passes, dobles, palming, the charlie miller cascade control
  6. The herman pass
  7. Cull. {word count}.
  8. The Cull has been my favorite lately.
  9. I practice the classic pass, and the double lift all the time, but the elmsley count and ascanio spread are also fun.
  10. If we are talking about card sleights I would have to say te classic pass and the cull are the most fun to practice as stand alone sleights. For the most part I practice all of my moves in the context of the routine they are used in. With that being said I do enjoy some good billet work especially switches and reads.
  11. The Stuart Gordon double is always one I love to do.

    Also lately, the Dai Vernon multiple top palm.
  12. For me its the classic and jiggle pass, the Elias multiple shift and the strike double.
  13. I love stuff like DBD (Diving Board Double), Clipshift, Stuart Gordan DLs. I'd say DBD, and Stuart Gordon's Double lifts are my favs.
  14. muscle pass acquitment with dollar-sized coins.
  15. Twisting Knives

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