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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Amazing Tarquin, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. East Coast famed psychic Helen Churchwell Legotti, my Aunt, will be on A&E's "Psychic Investigators" explaing the story of how she located the body of a Maine fisherman on a tiny island off the coast of Maine 400 miles away from Queens New York.
    Of course my Aunt is famed for lifting the curse from Babe Ruth and having the Red Sox win the Championship by talking with the passed babe Ruth himself with the whole session being recorded by Daily News.
    Of Course my whole family uses our psychic gifts and back in the 1600's my ancestor Sarah Churchwell was accused of being a witch because of her abilities. She was the first witch to be arrested in Salem Ma. Sarah Churchwell was born in Maine and I was born in the next town fro her in New Hampshire. But my Aunt and I both live in Queens now just a few towns away from each other.
    Of course as magicians you are not suppose to beleive in psychics. Thats ok.
    Oh so here is alink to the story about A&E and my Aunt

    and here is My aunt and me talking about Babe Ruth, the curse and Daily News bugging my Aunt to talk with Babe Ruth oh and she doesn't say "Yes, Maam she says "yes Man"
  2. You and your aunt are full of crap....
  3. Really? Tell that to the family of the fisherman who no one could find the body and my Aunt called a reporter in New Hampshire and said "This is where you will find the body next to a diamond on a small Island"
    When they went and found the body they looked at a Natical Map that there is no way my aunt could have seen and the Island was next to a dimond shape Icon on the map and this story doesn't come from my Aunt telling it but from the New England reporter. So then that means the family of the fisherman are lying, the Marines, The New England and Maine Coast Guard and the reporter are all full of crap too, or you was just looking around today to just find a reson to say "Your full of crap"
    Face it Creeper there are too many people not related to me and my Aunt who are witnesses to this story so basically you are saying everyone involved are full of crap...
  4. completely agreed
    and she lifted babe ruth's curse just like you trained David Blaine

    but I guess maybe it's all true and you just used your psychic to show him the way
  5. Where's Penn when you need him???
  6. Ah, I guess you read the story so either you going to include the Marines and the Police and reporters and the search party and the fishermans family in your "Your full of crap" statement or you just learned something. I think you just learned that all those magic tricks you learn pale in comparison to real magic.
    Enjoy your little tricks
  7. Or perhaps your Aunt was involved (dum dum dummm - insert scary music)

    people have been trying to lift the 'curse' for years. Someone had to be lucky...
  8. Is this a trick?... (no pun intended)
  9. And I'll think YOU will see that sleight of hand magicians are respected a lot more that people who believe they are psychic
  10. what am I holding in my hand? and which hand am I holding it in?

    Never heard of you or your aunt. The only show I care to watch on A&E right now is Dog The Bounty Hunter and he seems to solve more crimes than either of you two combined. Plus, he's amazing.

    I don't think it's that magicians aren't "supposed" to believe in Psychics. It's that most magicians are just well versed enough in the art to know that psychics are bologna.

    Of course, I'd be willing to let you attempt to prove your case. :)
  11. Never hoid of me? Thats cool. Ask Harry Lorayne for a complimentary book with my magic in it but guess what I now have head of you
  12. This thread was a disaster to start with. It won't go up from here. So I'll end it by saying that people can believe what they choose to and others can not believe what they choose to.

  13. Due to requests via PM, I am re-opening this thread. It's a sensitive topic, but I'll be willing to leave it open. It's because of this though, I'll be watching the thread closely. Don't bother attacking the original poster because your post will just be deleted. Personally, I don't believe in psychics either, but I am willing to let the thread stay open. Any post attacking the original thread creator will be deleted. I'm not gonna let this thread be just senseless bashing.

  14. So, ummm, i went to the yankee game yesterday and it was awesome. Any chance reinstating that curse so we can be in first longer than a day?
  15. Well honestly,theres nothing to discuss here. He is simply informing us about something on T.V. that would entertain some people here. So you either watch the show or you dont.
    The only actually discussion that could go on here is lackluster psychic jokes or flaming/bashing.
  16. Pretty much.
  17. Or how i need his aunt to reinstate that curse! Make with the curse, man!
  18. Thank you. I didn't write the original post to be bashed or attacked. It is in the General thread and since my Aunt and family name will be on A&E I wanted to post it.
    Now all those who want to attack psychics thats ok, I know a lot of entertainers who want to attack magicians but I am also a magician and I have original magic published in many many magazines and magic books and many magicians do videos with my magic in them and if you don't want to research and find I speak the truth and just hurl insults then that shows me who you are.
    I have been on TV and I am in books that are not related to magic at all. But among those who I need to be known like the biggies in magic I am known and happy with. The Dean of SAM and personal friend Eric DeCamps recently sent me a note saying he is glad to see I have taken interest in magic again since him and I performed back to back for SAM and Mostly Magic but enough of the magic bragging. I only tell you this because even if you never heard of me doesn't mean I am nobody and need to be attacked. I never heard of you either but I will not just attack you unless you attack me first.
    But My family have found hundreds and hundreds of missing bodies through the years of the Churchwell's in America and while you may say "Bah" to it our family is always the last resort to finding bodies and one family it took 11 years for them to come to us and my Aunt found the body that no one could for 11 years. Well that family is happy to have the body returned to them and in all my years as a magician I never ever had the same feeling or saw the same thankfulness in a persons, nay, whole families eyes as when the body is found through the Churchwells.
    So while you can say "You and your Aunt are full of crap" those families who now have the missing bodies of a loved one don't think so.
    And yes my family have been speakers at the UN and at many Universities and so many other prestigious places through out the many years.
    So go ahead and insult but there is always a lot more to the story and a lot more witnesses than just my Aunt and I.....
  19. cough, red sox 1st longer, cough.
  20. Funny that it was the Daily News who contacted my Aunt, also a New Yorker, to have the curse lifted and that was the year the red Sox won... You know sometimes there is more money in the other guy winning then the yankee's always winning....
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