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  1. (Mods, I was going to post this in the coin section, but then I thought this is more about direction of attention as opposed to strictly coin work - but feel free to move it where you see fit!)

    So I was checking out the video for Mirage again. I didn't so much like it the first time I watched it, and I went back to it to see again why I didn't like it.

    Here are my thoughts, take them with a grain of salt.

    Would this fool a spectators natural thought process?

    With the French drop, the hand that covers is suspicious because it's the hand that covers the coin. The eye naturally follows that hand - that's why it works -> that hand is clean.

    With Mirage (Keep in mind, I do not have this, so I don't know exactly where the coin is), the hand that covers is still the hand that suspicion is naturally on. Then at the end, it seems like it can't be shown. Won't this be where all the heat is? In my head, that is the first place people will want to look. Isn't that the equivalent of doing the French drop movement, but actually taking the coin?

    The psychology of this doesn't make sense to me. But I'm interested from the people who actually have used it, if it works well, and if so, why do you think so?

    And don't get me wrong, it looks very smooth, and very well done, it just got me thinking about where people look. I'm sure some people will easily be fooled, but someone who is really watching and thinking, I don't know...

    Others thoughts? Why would this sleight work?
  2. I havent purchased this, but I think I know what the method is. After trying it in front of a camera, what happens is exactly what you said: everyone wants to look in the covering hand, since covering it to do anything is REALLY suspicious. I mean, people will say "in the classic color change the covering hand does nothing and it's not suspicious at all", but this is different. Everyone knows the coin hasn't vanished. Everyone knows it's hidden. The question is where, and if they think about it, and have the opportunity to watch it for a second time, they'll easily discover where the heck the coin is, even if they can't do the same.
  3. I'm very curious to this as well. This is something that looks brilliant and smooth to a magicians eyes but to laymen, wouldn't they know exactly where the coin is, especially if it really is hidden in the covering hand???
  4. Hey guys, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I do think it's a bit unfair to judge the effect before fully understanding how it works. It'd be a bit like reviewing a movie after only watching the trailer. The first post in this thread by Justin noted "I do not have this, so I don't know exactly where the coin is" - and the second post began with "I haven't purchased this, but I think I know what the method is."

    That part I did find a bit unjust to someone I firmly (truly) believe is one of the best and youngest working coin guys. I've watched him truly, madly, deeply fool some of the best minds in magic with Mirage, and I stood three feet away while he performed it for Dave Williamson just two weeks ago. I believe Williamson's response was "you're a witch!"

    It's simple, and it's delicate - but that's why it works. Coin magic doesn't need a half dozen false transfers and strange moves to work. It just needs some well timed movements, fluid motions, and precise psychology that makes it all so smooth. The method of Mirage is quite simple, yet the instructional video is over an hour in length. Alex doesn't just show you how it works, but WHY it works. And I promise that if you hear his experience and listen to his direction, you will be very, very impressed. It works, and for $19.95, it's a steal.
  5. Thanks for the reply! =)

    I was always interested and was just curious lol
  6. In any case, I would pay the 20 $ just to learn the concepts and the theory that this guy offers with the sleight, but to be sincere, I do agree with justin morris with his point.

    Whatever the case I don't like coin magic a lot ( well the vanishes ) because it's like playing 3 card monte with people :p. But I have to admit that a lot of them really look beatiful :)

    P.S I messed up and I didn't quote J.B on the part of the post that I wanted to adress :)
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    Thought I'd chime in since I shot Mirage with Alex. He graciously showed me some of his other coin work and it's pure sorcery.

    The great thing about Mirage is it's not limited to what is shown on the trailer. The DVD goes into so much depth and teaches several sequences of further proving the coin has vanished followed by a mind-blowing visual reappearance.

    We wanted to make the move as "moveless" as possible which is something we feel coin magic really lacks. Alex shares his thoughts on this subject and really drives home that magic should NOT be a game of "catch me if you can". The reason this is a miracle is because there are no funny moves or hand washes to catch. Don't get me wrong, those are included too but can sometimes be a tell for magicians to pick apart which is why we chose to leave those out of the trailer. Rest assured, nothing is left out in the actual DVD itself. Alex goes into great lengths to discuss not only the mechanics but the timing and philosophy behind what can be applicable to all your magic.

    Furthermore, Alex includes the Lynel Vanish which I've seen him do live for several crowds and floor them. I've seen this vanish a foot away from my face and it blew me away. Yes the Lynel Vanish is angly. Yes it should only be done for one or two people. However, when the opportunity presents itself, it's ridiculously good. This is definitely a phrase that gets tossed around a bunch but this vanish alone justifies the price of the DVD. I secretly like the Lynel Vanish even more than Mirage. Both are miracles and you'll have a blast fooling anyone you choose to show them to.
  8. I want to see a live performance for an audience before I buy this. Think you can fix that , JB?
  9. Hey. Here is my post from another thread. Hope it helps!....

    Yo guys

    Just wanted to pop in here to say a couple of things about Mirage and Alex Geiser. First off, its very rare to find a magician like Alex...but enough about me..HA! Get it?!? Ok that was stupid...Like I was saying, everything about Geiser is admirable especially the magic he comes up with. I remember him showing mirage, along with a couple of other things 3 years ago at Magic Live to people, and ever since then it was the talk of the town. The word spread to NYC and everyone was talking about his coin work.

    As for the Mirage technique...I wanted to clear up a few things. What you see in the trailer is nowhere close to what you will get on the DVD. I watched the whole thing the other was an hour long! Alex goes over the vanish, plus 2 reappearances of the coin which shows both hands empty in the meantime. ALSO, you get the Lynel vanish which is amazing. Don't know how they left that out of the trailer! Most of all, you get the psychology behind these techniques, which I think makes the whole DVD. After listening to what Alex has to say, you won't have any worries about anything.

    So for those of you who are worried about not getting enough for your money, believe me, i think your getting more. And as most of you are aware of, I have nothing to gain if you buy Mirage. Just want to make sure serious students consider it. Its really powerful.

  10. Not anymore.

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