New 1-on-1 Release : The Biddle Trick

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Sep 28, 2008
New York
Hey ,

I remember taking a look at the forum thread called 1-on-1 wants, and if im not mistaken, I saw the biddle trick requested on there several if anything, we should be applauding JB, and the T11 team for listening and reading over the threads to try to give you guys a good 1-on1 ...sumthing that very few companies do! ...just my 2 cents :)

Sep 15, 2007
I can't believe you all.... I'm surprised the mods haven't closed the thread yet. i see no constructive criticism, all I see are people being ungrateful. It's a beginner effect so what? That is actually a good thing to get better performers out there. I think everyone just needs to be civil with each other.
Jan 4, 2008

It's sad to see a complete lack of respect by so many in this thread.

I guarantee you Aaron Fisher and Lee Asher would have respect for this trick.

It's simple really. If you do not like the trick, then do not get it. There's really no argument against that. This isn't your personal site, so don't get offended if you dont like something. Someone else will be able to benefit from it, I guarantee it.

I'm sure that beginners will really benefit from this effect if they did not know it before. Remember when you guys first learned it and performed it? You got great reactions, didn't you?

Guess what? Now the beginners have an awesome effect that will fry spectators. What happens when the beginner gets great reactions? Does it boost up his confidence and experience? Will he continue build up his knowledge in Magic? YES. What if that got his creativity going? Well then he might come up with something totaly original and amazing in the future that he would share with the magic community. So would this be considered, furthering the art we all love? I think it would.

Oh, and for everyone praising BOOKS, you are correct, Books are great. So why dont you do a review for a great book that you recommend for beginners? Not every beginner knows what books to get, so they may need your help. Ellusionist and Theory11 might be the only places these guys have ever been. Let's help them out a little so that they can have a lifetime of material at their fingertips.

So take a deep breath and calm down. It's going to be me.

This looks like a great 1 on 1, good job T11,
It has been requested many times, and there have been many threads on what the Biddle trick is, which proves that not every magician knows it.
$5 is the greatest price I've seen for such a good trick, I think it's worth about $20, just because of the great reactions it causes.
Some people, not pointing any fingers, need to remember that T11 is not only for the people who are advanced, and have been doing magic for years, there are also people here just starting out, people who may have never heard of the biddle trick, and for them, this trick is a perfect building block for the rest of their magic lives.


Aug 31, 2007
I forgot to mention Derek Delgaudio has an excellent presentation and handling of this in his "Only Notes". Called "Lie, Cheat, and Biddle Steal" Which allows you to perform the effect disguised as a gambling demonstration. Cool stuff!
Sep 1, 2007
New Zealand
Wow alot of my posts just disappear without a trace. I don't know why my last post was deleted rather than edited.

It's a great trick, but it was sub standardly performed. He performed it as if he was performing to a world of magicians and they all knew what was going to happen.
May 18, 2008
I think it is a fantastic 1on1, the presentation was good, and the trick is excellent. I do this trick on a regular basis. Hits hard. And for teaching like that for a trick this good, it is tottaly worth 5 bucks. You could teach the ambitious card and people would bash it for bieng a "begginers trick".

You people who lost respect cause they taught something that is taught elsewhere to give beginners some options need to stop bieng so idiotic and look at the fact that their are people other then them in teh world.


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Jul 23, 2007
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Wow alot of my posts just disappear without a trace. I don't know why my last post was deleted rather than edited.

Jupiter, your previous post was deleted because it was ten words. Two of the words were "dog balls." I rest my case.

This is a beginner effect and labeled as such. The 1-on-1 section has had VERY advanced moves for weeks in a row, so this one goes out to those on a beginner ability level. It will not appeal to everyone, but we must keep a balance of ability levels and this week's addition is proof in point.

That said, this thread has become a back and forth with some fairly disrespectful comments from a select few - and does not advance discussion in any way. For that reason, this post is closed.

For those of you who are new to this effect - this is something is INCREDIBLY powerful and something that should be in everyone's arsenal. Use it wisely and enjoy it. This is something that NEVER fails to get a good reaction in performance, and because the moves are relatively simple, you can focus on the presentation and interacting with your audience.
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