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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I highly disagree that he is mature at all. Like you said, he's very, very young, but doesn't seem to have a level head at all from what I've seen. I don't visit these forums often, but on D&D and decknique, does anyone remember the time he filmed a video of him "telling on" another forum members for criticising farrell dillon's fans, and then guided him in a 5 minute video in repeatedly being immature by (attempting to) verbally attack that member? Not that it accomplished anything other than making both farell look extremely immature and zachmonkey look like a pre-pubescent 12 year old girl, but the fact of the matter is that this behavior was extremely immature and unnacceptable.

    "Oh he's so cute he's only 12 and he's decent at magic". who cares. theres so many of you guys here it's difficult to know who's who but I can name some people that would make great mods off the top of my head; david misner, wilson, leon, sinful07, etc.

    but after all, I'm just a member and jon bayme is the ceo, what do I know.
    no, I don't spell names with capitals. peace
  2. What in god's name have you eaten. I dont know whether to take this as a compliment, or whether i should just laugh my head off as to how i am perceived. i RARELY make knowledgeable posts, most of whom inquire about things and not actually contributing. So to sum it up, i am a very very bad 'role model' so to speak. (Thank you though. i decided 20 seconds ago after heavy thinking to take it as a compliment. I am very much.. Surprised and delighted to know of your opinion regarding myself.)

    Anyways im pretty sure that they've considered this thoroughly, as well as the impact it would have with the members. I am aware that there was a massive thread here regarding the recruitment of moderators that reside anywhere BESIDES america (Members complaining about moderators not being active 24/7. etc.) As well as the nomination of said members (Such as Praetorivitong etc.)

    I avoided that topic, purely because it was pointless. no one needs to patrol the forums like its crime watch. Its a forum. People post "£&^ here. (Another reason why i am a bad Role model, I swear. a lot.)

    I do question Zach's maturity obviously due to his age. But judging from a completely unreliable source, which will be his Youtube videos, he seems to have a light hearted nature, and seems to be well spoken. (loved the product reviews zach.)

    Anyways to sum it up, I have no issue with him being a moderator. I am more inclined towards the need for more moderators. Which is an entirely different topic.

  3. hehehe, ha....Ha Ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    on another note zach congrats i always said the job was so easy a monkey could do it, and now they have taken my advice

    for those of you who dont understand basic humor that was a joke not an insult and im sure zach will do great as long as there are no questions regarding the DMV or cigarrette tricks
  4. He is a mod on Ellusionist.
  5. I don't think he's 12. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he is in the 13, 14, 15 area. I'm 12 :p (hopes that's not to immature for you:D)
  6. Being young doesn't have everything to do with being mature, you can easily be mature at a young age.
    @sinful07, you don't necessarily have to be a card shark to be a moderator (just look at jonathan bayme), although it will help. I just randomly picked you as a fourth name (although it may look wierd since I previously mentioned 3 very skilled guys) because your posts are sensible, level-headed, and you don't sound like a complete beginner, as many others do.
  7. From what I understand, Zach is a very intelligent talented individual. I don't know him personally, but I trust JB's judgment.

    In regard to the previous forum activity you cited, I am quite familiar with it. That was then. This is now. Given this new role, I am sure Zach will certainly be up to the task.

    Also, in regard to those personal attacks: Not cool. Just not cool.
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    Yes we all which we were as mature as you are:rolleyes: None of those guys visit the forums frequently.
  9. What a mature post.

    Guys, I'm pretty sure that like it or not, Zachmonky is gonna stay a Moderator, and as far as I'm concerned, give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps some part of the decision was questionable, predictable, or contradictory, which I have an opinion on but don't care to share; if that is the case, tough luck, really, it's the way things work in life (though bicycle - I certainly do sympathise). Zach may have done silly things in the past, but so have we all, and I'm sure he's going to do great now.

    In the meantime, the occasional poster is going at others like an animal with the childish insults and so forth. Let it be guys.

    I almost forgot - congratulations Zach.
  10. (Insert childish insult here, directed at everyone. )

    Anyways, didnt know steerpike was a mod on E. No wonder the forum is quite deserted.. He mustved driven all the inhabitants away! :p
  11. I agree with bicylemagik. It seems they only made him mod because he's friends with JB.

    A ton of other people that deserve this more...
  12. I never understood the whole point of being a moderator anyways. I mean, why a lot of members think its like some sort of godly gift. all there is to it is that you get powers over the forums, and you are tasked with maintaining it, watching over it and basically babysitting everyone without any incentive at all. (well maybe a sneak peak over a few effects or whathaveyou, i dont know.)

    Really, why the big deal? if ever we should thank him for accepting the position. Being a moderator is job. Being a member isnt.
  13. Hi Everybody,

    I just regisered only to say my peace about your new mod Zach.

    First off let me let you all know I'm 66 and have mad a living all my adult life with magic.So I'm no stranger to the art.

    I have known Zach for 3 years now.I have met him and his wonderful family in person. Zach has forgotten more about magic than most of you will ever know or learn in your life time. (trust me on this one)

    Zach is the most humble young man I have ever known.He's mature way beyond his age. (trust me again)

    bicyclemagik: You posting what you did showed just how "inmature" you are.You posted the very thing you accused Zach of doing.Shame on you.

    creeper: You really sound jealous that Zach has gone as far as he has for such a young person.I promise he worked hard and earned every bit of it. Shame on you to.

    Mr.Jon Bayme : You couldn't have made a better choice.Zach will do a great job,its just his nature.

    Zach : Please don't hate me too much for jumping in and saying my two cents.I had to take up for you like you did for Farrell. ( I guess that makes me inmature as well in some eyes here)

    All the best to you all,
    Don Driver
  14. Don Driver,
    I never said I was mature at all, so if your viewpoint is that I'm immature, fine, it really doesn't matter because I'm not a mod.

    "I had to take up for you like you did for Farrell. ( I guess that makes me inmature as well in some eyes here)"
    that just sounded sad, you obviously don't know the situation, which was zachmonkey making his 'hero' sound like a complete ass hole. Farrell was getting some objective, constructive criticism on his terrible fans from a flourishers point of view, and he is no flourisher, and zachmonkey made himself and farrell out to look like 11 year olds.

    Also, you could say what I said about zach from a subjective point of view, not just me being 'immature', since the 2nd half of the other thread was 'who was the girl talking in the background?'
  15. Break it up guys. Zach's going to be moderator if you like it or not.:mad:
  16. who is acting like an 11 year old girl...hahahha
  17. Who? Nah I'm just kidding:p.
  18. Sorry Don, I wasn't aware I'm not supposed to state my opinion here. My bad.

    Shame on me? Really? Shame? Thats a little harsh. I disagree on some mod thing on some internet forum and your wishing shame on me? And you call me the immature one? I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just stating my opinion. And I'm not jealous of anybody. Its bad for your health.
  19. I'm probably wrong, but for some reason I don't think Don Driver is who he says he is.
  20. Congrats, however I would have rather seen an international moderator.
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