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  1. Hey guys, I am brand new to magic and discovered this fantastic site. I saw a video posted on youtube by theory11 that had some great tips for beginners by some of their amazing artists. One of the tips was to decide what kind of magic to get into and then pick three really good tricks to master. I have decided that I like card magic, now I was wondering if you guys could share some of your favorite tricks for a beginner. They don't have to be tricks on theory11 but if you could share where they can be learned that would be awesome. Look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks guys.
  2. The Biddle Trick, Invisible Reverse and Sloppy Shuffle Triumph are three great beginner tricks that require only very basic sleight of hand. You can learn all of them on YouTube. You should also check out a guy called mismag822 while you're on YouTube. He's got a ton of card trick tutorials for beginner trick and more advanced tricks when you start getting better.
  3. rule #1 Don't learn magic from Youtube. Anyone here will tell you that.
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    Lol except for me. I got started on YouTube but after I acquired a basic knowledge of magic I got away from learning off it. Not everyone on there is terrible. You just have to know whom to learn from.
  5. If your just starting magic i recommend the biddle trick, Search and destory by aaron fisher and witness by Lee Asher.

    My favorite tricks are Matt Mello's modern mentalism dvd 1 ( any card at any number ). Daniel Madison Blind , Tony Chang Sandwiches, Patrick kun Vector Point and Center point.

    check those out
  6. Get yourself a copy of Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. Yes, it's more than just cards, but you'll be hard pressed to find a better value. It's also better to have a wide foundation in fundamentals and general skills before picking a specialization.
  7. That makes me really sad for some reason.
  8. DO NOT learn from YouTube. ''Mismag'' tells how to do tricks and calls them different things so nobody will accuse him of stealing tricks.

    If you want a series that is an easy read, and and filled to the brim with value, go for the Card College Series. It's 5 volumes, but you can buy it separately.

    Most importantly, please DON'T learn from YouTube.
  9. Yes, some of them merely suck.

    Card College, while without a doubt the most comprehensive series on card magic, is a bit of an intimidating investment. Royal Road and Mark Wilson's cost less and still give you a stable foundation.
  10. Take Steerpike's advice.

    Don't get too shot up getting DVDs. Books are worth their weight in gold.

    Card College!
    Bobo's Coin Magic

    Maybe even Tarbell's course.

    Ease your way in and see what kind of magic you would like to do. And yes. Focus on 3 routines and master them!
  11. I'm a beginner and I bought Royal Road to Card Magic to take the fundamentals, of course I'll buy some tricks later, but first I think you should learn all the fundamentals (Royal Road to Card Magic has very cool tricks)

    So, buy Royal Road to Card Magic and practise, practise and practise

  12. There are a ton of really good places to start but if you choose Royal Road (recommended) there are a few pretty good tricks in its pages as well as the fundamentals in sleight of hand. BTW, you can get Royal Road HERE for under $5.00

    But I do agree with what most of these other guys have said.

    #1 Stay away from learning from youtube.

    The people on there are not doing anything to make magic better. I am not saying they are all bad, but what are they doing to make magic better? Giving away secrets for EVERYONE to see is all they are doing.

    #2 Try to stay away from learning from videos for a bit.

    I am not saying, don't learn from videos. I am saying give books a chance before moving to video. Books, to me, are 1000 times the learning tool because when you learn from a book you are interpreting what you are reading to suit the way YOU do things. When you learn from a video you are learning the way THAT MAGICIAN performs things, which may not suit your handling of cards, coins or what have you. Some magicians will argue that it is better to learn things the "right way" from a magician that knows what they are talking about via video, but while reading a book you have the exact instructions of how to do the sleights in front of you. The deciding factor is how you interpret what you read and how you feel most comfortable doing the sleights.
  13. This was posted by Geoffrey Weber on TheMagicCafe
    I take no credit in making this, All credits goes to Geoffrey.

    Hope it helps
  14. I don't know why. Most of the stuff I learned came from a PROFESSIONAL magician named Andy Field, not some stupid 12-year old with a webcam
  15. nice post!
  16. Great advice guys! There's obviously a lot of knowledgeable people in these forums. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Royal Road is a bit of a tough read, don't ya' think?
  18. My 9 year old cousin just started and I bought her Royal road for her iPad/kindle and she is already showing signs of invention and next step thinking. So hard read I don't think so maybe a dry read. I like videos here on the site and I own most of them. However till I went back and read RR I was never as good at them.
  19. If anything, Alston, because he "knows" the system. And bring back some of that 09 Finals Magic?
  20. A quick note on YouTube:

    First off, everyone making blanket generalizations about YouTube sucking for learning magic is an idiot. I learned off of youtube for months and adapted the techniques so they would look natural, and it also inspired an interest in magic.

    Don't be so quick to write it off.

    I agree with whoever said that you just have to know who to learn it from. (I'm sorry, but I'm too lazy to go back and check.)

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