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  1. Insanity is more for cardio training and overall weight loss.

    P90X is for weight loss, cardio training, and muscle gain. You DO NOT need a gym for this. You will however need to invest money into a dvd player, a tv, the dvd's, a pull up bar, and weights ranging from 4-20lb (if you're around my age... 15). If you cannot afford weights, you can always buy some bands instead, which are much cheaper. The pull up bar I have is great, it attaches and detaches within five seconds onto any regular door frame. You will also need a mat and a good 'ol water bottle. You don't need to be in excellent shape to do this... when I first started I couldn't even do a push-up. I can now do 53 pushups in just a minute.

    When I first started P90X I couldn't finish a single workout... not even the easiest of the easy ones. Within a couple'a months I was having no problem and making my way towards success.

    I highly recommend it!


    P.S. I wasn't paid by Tony Horton or Beach Body
  2. 10 pairs of weights only takes 2 meters of space beside a wall.. my pull up bar is detachable and can be put behind a couch because it's only a meter wide.
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    Thanks for the advice! I LOVE playing football/soccer. I took a break this entire year,wanted to get back to it. I am doing some exercises for my back, the doctor and physiotherapist said it isn't too severe and I'll grow out of it. I really hope I do though.

    Thanks again Toby and Good luck to you and everyone else for the New Year.

    Hope it goes well!

    - Jenai
  4. No problem. I'm glad I could help. If you need anything at all, or any further questions, please PM me, I've been doing this (fitness and physical therapy) for a long time now.

    @Mehar: Let me rephrase, if you don't have a gym at your house, than you will need the regular one. My point was, you cannot do P90X in your room without all those things, as with Insanity, you can.
  5. - Perform for over 11 people at the same time
    - Create at least 11 new tricks
    - Earn nore than 11€ out of magic
    - Create 11 new flourishes
    - Submit a trick to Theory 11
    - Sell any of my tricks anywhere
    - Start recording TXa2P: The Xabi Project
    - Perform in restaurants
    - Read a couple of magic books
    - Perform as well as Danny Garcia or Calen Morelli (I love this 2 guys!)
    - Learn coin magic
    - More impromptu tricks
    - Create a gimmick...

    - Lose weight...
    - Study more...

    That's what I think I should do... for now!
  6. Ohhh ok. I thought you meant that you needed a full-on gym filled with machines and all sorts of equipment. I think we both understand each other now :)
  7. Perhaps that is the case. I will admit I have yet to do either program. I just know that Insanity is the program all the military people I've spoken to praise because it is the closest thing you'll get to basic training work out. If you do it daily, you WILL get in good shape.
  8. I want to give everyone some advice on losing weight since I'm on my high school wrestling team, so I know how to lose weight fast. When we practice which is 2 and a half hours 5 days a week, I'm wearing a sweater and sweatpants. A lot of people workout at the gym in a tank top because they think it looks cool, which is sorta true, but it doesn't help you lose weight because you aren't sweating as much. Also, when I go running I wear several layers and I can break a sweat within 5 minutes. When you workout, push yourself to your limit. Just because you get a little tired doesn't mean you should stop. Do a lot of pushups and situps. Try and get to as close to 100 of each if you can, remember to do them in sets and alternate between the two. One last thing: wallsits make your legs wicked strong. It's basically putting your back flat up against a wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle for as long as you can. I hope this helps all of you with your workout regimes.

    Happy New Years!
  9. I would just like to add one thing, if you are going to wear all those layers, please make sure to have a lot of water with you because you are risking serious dehidration.
  10. Toby, thanks for adding that. I forgot to add it in my first post.
  11. I might be a lil late but this year I'm doing my spm(same as O levels) so I wanna do it well
    and I wanna try to learn everything in rrtcm :)
  12. Hi,,,
    We are not in a position to take risk with our health... I totally disagree with your with your statement... Weight loss and muscles gain without gym can be harmful for our life....
  13. Hello....
    I am also the user of P90X program... i use it to just Shaped my muscles but i am surprise to see that i also reduce my weight as well..
    You can use this to make the shape but rely 100% on this to reduce weight...
  14. Hi Brent, I see you're new so, Welcome! :D

    As you may have noticed, everyone is really helpful and nice (most of the time). :) Please check out the forum rules HERE. I hope you enjoy your theory11 experience here

    Well, since this thread has already been bumped, I may as well start some more conversation. To everyone who posted on this thread in late December or early January: Have you kept these resolutions?
  15. Wellllllll, my resolution was to stop luring hookers to my car, killing them, dissecting them, and then dissolving their bodies in acid (After all, I am from Wisconsin) buuuuuuut last week I just couldnt help myself. So Im trying to wean myself off of hookers and to start preying on local pets, people that bug me, and magicians who dont know who Dai Vernon is...
  16. That's hilarious... I can't stop laughing :D
  17. we got something in common............except for the dai vernon thing, but then again it's not a bad idea.
  18. Yeah, stupid Criss Angel clones... But hey at least they taste good

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