No threads, magnets, or wires of any sort.

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  1. That was really cool, I enjoyed it.
    Good job.
    Your boy,
  2. Really loved it. really wanna know the method. I think it's really clever
  3. I can tell you what he uses to achieve the method. You can figure it out by the supply
    Duct tape.
    Magicians Wax.
    A ham sandwhich with no mayo.
    Sam raimis socks.
    And a banana.
  4. Could this be from the guriel (I dont know the spelling) guid to loops.
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    Nice. You presented the effect very well. Not sure I'd rush out to try and sell it though.

    Not a knock against you, but I see so many levitation/PK effects coming out that hail "No threads! No magnets!" and I just don't get it. I use Loops religiously and the effects I perform with them--even the simplest ones--get some of the strongest reactions. Why are so many magicians these days so fascinated with duplicating thread/magnet work with other methods? I appreciate creativity, I just find this "No thread! No magnets!" trend with levitation/PK work rather odd.
  6. I like levitation effects with no threads. You can honestly reply to a heckler who says "you're using thread!" with a resounding no.
  7. If he accuses you of using thread and you aren't it doesn't matter either way. Saying "no" changes absolutely nothing about the situation.
  8. I can reply with a resounding no either way.
    And the accusation of using a thread is common. No matter the method,the assumption will always jump to an invisible thread.
  9. ...when threadwork is done poorly by people who do not know how to handle it, yes.

    I use thread in every show I do and I perform for very intelligent people. The common reaction I get isn't "It's thread!" it's "How in the world did you do that?"
  10. Thats true. Though I hear it alot or used to when loops were "cool" and people posted videos.Guess it just stuck with me.
    I havent heard it from my audiences in over a year so I guess im getting more natural and fluid with it?
  11. TRUE, but at least if I'm not using thread, I can honestly say no. I guess honestly and magic don't go hand and hand anyways.
  12. Hey guys,

    I noted "No magnets, no threads" and such so that people would watch the video... generally, people on t11 see a youtube link and just pass it off.

    I completely agree with you about the using no thread. The method is only known to the performer, so it doesn't matter how you achieve it, as long as they're astounded.

    And to the guy who named the list for a method... huh? None of those things are included... well, maybe a ham sandwich (jk!)
  13. They never have, heh. Even from the OP's video, "If I use static electricity..." we have the whole effect framed in a lie. That's the nature of magic; we're entertainers, so we entertain (which almost always means "lie"--just like in movies; they don't try to get across that what you're seeing on screen is indeed how the actor/actress lives their life, or that it's true events that you're watching (barring documentaries, but that's another story altogether)). :)

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