One New and Possibly Final Message

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  1. In regards to my above post, even if it is a D then could it not be D GARCIA.

  2. If it was Brad Christian I would never come here again or even buy products from here ever. I can't stand Brad, his eyeliner, or his pedofilish look. But one thing before I end my post. I will leave you on a quote.

    "You're okay!!! You're okay in my book!!!" I scream while my eye twitches and I perform one handed fans and run on top of taxis and in and out of trafic.
  3. First of all, I can't resist the obvious.

    If Brad was to be the new artist, i'm guessing all this hype would be for his new product release:


    Now, on to serious matters. We have three letters. RAA or as someone else has suggested, RAD. Why give us only three letters if it was a jumble? With only three letters, i'm guessing initials. But, maybe the initials are jumbled.


    Also, what about the two lines on the side of the second A? Were they just for decoration, or did they have meaning aswell?
  4. Mmmmhm Smooth as butter Baby.
  5. ... NnnnOk, that creeped me out just a little bit, I'm sure i'll have no problem spreading butter on my toast after that... :eek:
  6. For your searching convenience, I've provided links to all 3 pictures. :) Thank me by figuring this thing out.
    A (or D)
  7. I still think the /A/ stand for 11. Not sure why thought.

    Maybe March 11th Anonymous will be revealed!
  8. Finally...

  9. Explain :D
  10. My guess is that it's a geek effect. Or something to do with writing on your hands and fingers. No? :D
  11. I don't really care about this thing, but will express my thoughts here.

    Obviously better questions should be asked when he was answering them. You would know so much by know. "Were you not born in america?" followed by "Were you born in America?" is just stupid. Also his thoughts on presentation and effect. Who would say that presentation doesn't enchance an effect?

    Next, it clearly won't be Andrei or anyone that has been seen on here. It will probably be someone that has been hidden.

    Balloons could be a big clue. He has added them to the teasers, it's in his avatar and he said he does balloon magic as well. It is also a person that likes riddles. David Blaine come to mind, with his book's fantastic treasure hunt, but it is unlikely, because he is so famous.

    I think it's George Bush. Hey, the man needs a new job!

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    It's this guy:


    Buckethead ftw!

    EDIT: just had an idea, AARon Fisher!
    But he's already an artist here. :(

  13. This is a post I made on the original thread.

    imo, I had a good plan here :D lol.
  14. Which artist have a tattoo?
  15. Daniel Madison.
  16. i think it may be adam grace or danny garcia?
  17. The key to magic is misdirection, right? We should concentrate on more than just the letters. Like, for example, the footsteps in the final photo could be a W, or an M... WA? MA?
  18. Who Knows?

    Well,I k now that a lot have said Justin Miller-- but That's my guess also.
    maybe Mier Yedid (Spell ?) due to the fact the way the hands are clasping the balloons? ----------Heck I don't know--
    But Justin Miller is my guess, anyway right or wrong It's been -weird...

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