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    Wow you wouldn't believe it but I just did the pandora perfectly after only one view! You are the man! Dont have to buy the trilogy (again)
  2. LOL Guardian18 I was totally not expecting that.
  3. guardian18, that was amazing!!! i got triology and that teacher was much better then the buck twins.
  4. The link is gone so no more acting.
  5. What was the link to????

  6. A never ending Rick Roll. That you have to use Ctrl+alt+delete to close. :p
  7. Just get the bloody Flourish DVD!

  8. if you realy want to be in flourishing getting pandora wont help you that much. i think that the flourishes dvd from the trilogy is a must for any flourisher...
    you wont "spend" 30$ just for buying pandora, youll get many more flourishes that are actualy way better then pandora in my opinion.
  9. yes, get the flourishing dvd, you will learn so much more.

    EDIT:12 000 post in this section!
  10. ok firstly this is a non exposure forum like every one has said but i can help. You can just get the flourishes disc for only 30 bucks separate from the rest of the trilogy at hope this helps

    - Zac
  11. Over a year ago was the last post mate, I'm sure it's been resolved already
  12. As everyone else said buying the DVD would be the best route so as the support the Buck twins and to get the best teaching. Though if you reeeally want to learn without spending the money. Learn from watching. Watch videos with the Pandora flourish and learn from example.
  13. Yeah dude it has been resolved way long ago. I actually can do Pandora quite well at the moment. I purchased the Trilogy long ago with the system.
  14. On the dan and dave website, they have this flourish and just this flourish for $4++, so you do not have to get the entire dvd.
  15. Honestly, this thread was resolved and died in 2009, then brought back over a year later for no reason, which it clearly states above, even if you aren't reading the dates of the posts. It was absolutely not necessary to make an account and bring it back again over three years later when the OP has said that he already bought the trilogy.
  16. Exactly. You have to pay for sheet music for a copyrighted song. It is illegal to redistribute it without the owners permission. Magic is basically the same, it teaches you how to do this( an effect, move, or flourish as opposed to how to play the song) but for some reason it isn't is obviously ethically wrong and should be illegal.
  17. OP, honestly, if you're even asking where to find a tutorial, you're a noob. If you're going to be that unimaginably cheap, why don't you just slow it down and learn it like somebody with actual chops? That's how they teach it to you on the Flourishes DVD anyway.

    Edited: saw that it was old, still stand by what I said

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