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  1. Hey guys! I'm looking for some pen/sharpie/pencil tricks like the classic pen up the nose, vanishing it at your fingertips then bringing it back (I've seen both of those before and always wanted to learn them) and things like that. Any good sources?

  2. Homer Liwag has a great Sharpie/Pen routine on his DVD "The Rice Papers".

    Also, Jesse Feinberg has some cool pen tricks. I don't know where you would find those, I would check out his videos on YouTube.
  3. Robert//Livingston: I actually have the Rice Papers (love it), but was looking for more generalized impromptu pen magic.

    There is actually a vanish Homer shows on the DVD but doesn't teach. He basically holds the sharpie between his hands, then he jerks his hand down, and the sharpie vanishes. He produces it again in a similar manner. I've seen this vanish before, but was wondering where I could learn it?

    Also, where can the classic pen through nose effects be learned.

    Basically, the same sort of stuff as cigarette magic. Pulling it out of your ears, vanishing it, producing it, and things like that. Where could I learn these things?

    worldwideme: Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, the Sharpie Manual DVD doesn't look like it has all the kind of things I'm looking for at the moment. But thanks anyway!

  4. i think it called the flipstick move. Hope that helps!!! :)
  5. It is flipstick. It's in Tarbell Volume 7 and a DVD called "The Very Best of FL!P - Vol. 4." I learned it from Jay Sankey's Spontanious Combustion (which is about using flash paper).

    A great effect with a pen is "Recapped" in Art of Astonishment, Volume 1.

    A good book for cigarette manipulation is Hugard's Magic Manual.
  6. Thanks Reality, I'll give those a check. I want to get the AoA books anyway someday.

  7. AoA is amazing! I would also recommend the Tarbell books. There are so many cool things you can find in there, and make suitable to you.
  8. Cool, thanks Robert//Livingston!
  9. If you're interested in pure misdirection, you should definitely check Son of a Recap from Apollo Robbins on his Cultural Xchange DVD. I think it's in volume 1.

    And if you want to do the cigarette moves, the Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks is, from what I've heard, a must have.
  10. Thanks! I wanted to get both of those DVDs someday anyway.

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  11. Gregory Wilson has a great pen routine (where the cap and the pen itself dissapear and appear again, the ear is used), can't remember how it's called. Appolo Robbins has his handling of this effect, you can check it in "Apollo Robbins and Shoot Ogawa - Cultural Exchange Vol. 2". Also, Gregory Wilson has another pen routine - Biclette.

  12. I believe that to routine is called recap...
  13. Yes! Exactly! Thanks ;)
  14. doesnt greg wilson have one called pointless?
  15. I think so. It's pretty cool looking too.

    Any other suggestions?


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