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  1. He 'appears' to demonstrate photoreading/ photographic memory :p

    Most photo-reading products are a sham. There are many memory techniques out there, however photo-reading or what you saw in that infomercial is rubbish.

    I suggest you pick up books by Harry Lorayne on memory if you desire to develop genuine memory techniques. Or if you wish to be a copycat of Derren Brown, I suggest picking up some simple books on mentalism.
  2. Speed reading is very easy to learn, and is helpful in school. But there are free resources to learn how to speed read, or photo read. In theory you can thumb through any book and know where to find information that you need to know. Its basically just skimming through a book, here is a site that teaches speed reading.
  3. So you are saying that it is not better than the conventional reading which we are taught in school, Fortunately I have read Harry Lorayne's book.

    I was listening to one of the audio tapes by Tony Robbins he also mentioned that he also took Speed reading courses, so did Derren Brown as was mentioned in his blog or book I cant remember where, so It cant be a scam.
  4. I used to own this eBook, I think it was called aMAGAZINg or something like that. It taught an effect where you could take out a magazine, and do an effect very similar to the miracle Derren Brown performs in the video link you supplied. It had some interesting ideas, but it was presented more as mind reading than photographic memory. I'll see if I can find it.

    Edit: I just found it:

    When I had it before it was much cheaper, around five dollars. From what I remember i took some work to set up, but it was worth it in the end. It was very practical.
  5. I am surprised why no mentalists replied. Anyways I say Derren Brown's trick or treat season 2 episode 1 and he did the same thing again speed reading ( you can watch it on youtube 0. Any comments guys.
  6. Umm!?
    Anyways, Dleerium pretty much covered it. Photographic memory is an old illusion of Mentalism, nothing new about it. There are dozens of methods of how to accomplish it and if you are serious about Mentalism there should'nt be a problem of making one up or finding one.

  7. Just so every knows almost everything that Derren does is a 'trick'.

    Yes he uses genuine psychology to help his presentation however most of what he does uses deception.

    Have you watched Derren on stage he is terrible with names and things of that nature 'memory expert' I think not.

    I like Derren a lot he is amazing thinker but come on read 13 steps and you will get a better idea of how clever Derren truly is.
  8. Well if you are being serious then I would disagree D ICE R. Perhaps he doesn't have a good memory with names and such, but I believe even that is a ruse. He can count the cards in a four deck blackjack game, I think he can remember a few names.
  9. Counting cards gives you a slight (at most 3%) advantage over the house. To make any real big money in the casino you need to have 200k on the table, also if you listen to the testimonials Derren was not missing. Not getting over the house more often than would be normal. And that 'casino' itself is questionable as I looks nothing like any casino I have ever been in.
  10. No Sh** Sherlock.

    Lol sorry I just felt compelled to say that, no offense.

    Prior to learning mentalism I always though Derren possessed superhuman abilities. This just goes to show that even magicians can buy into the patter that most mentalist use.

    Derren can possibly remember a 4 card stack, and he has probably developed that skill, but don't go buying into most of the things he says. E.g. studying NLP will not allow you to do a majority of the things Derren is capable of, despite what he says.

    Regardless of what people believe. We have to agree that Derren is a great performer.
  11. Just to bring out an example.
    I say on stage that i have memorized the whole phonebook,magazine or a dictonary and can pretty much give 100% accurate information about any page but i constantly forget my helpers name in about 2 second after they said it.

    The effect itself is a classic in Mentalism, there have been so many reinvetions of this that i think i cannot count so much and thats pretty much what Derren does although a lot better since he has much more experience on the field.

  12. I don't know about actual speed reading or photo reading, but the apparent ability to be able to is quite easy to fake.

    As far as him counting a 4 deck stack, he may or may not be able to do that, he could have set it all up or even been using the same system as the MIT students which is a lot simpler to learn and use than deck memorization.

    I'm not doubting the ability to keep up with 4 decks, but it's just a thought that there are other methods that can be used and then he could attribute (like mentalist often do) the ability to something different, skill based, and more impressive.
  13. Yeah, I have no clue as to what type of casino it was but it wasn't of course like american casinos, and I have no idea what type they have in australia or if they have any.

    I'm of course not disagreeing with anything, because I truly don't know all the methods of Derren's effects. I believe he has had some sort of mnemonics system, and usually those people have fairly good memories from using that sort of technique.

    Of course I have been fooled several times before and this could prove no different.

    I'm surprised it took this long for someone to say that DLeerium, and yes we can all agree he is a great performer.
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    Okay guys I have got a few products and will review them soon, but first I found the page on Derren's blod about speed reading it is here :

    And I have watched Paul Scheel's photoreading deluxe DVD 1, and its all rubbish. Nothing but some people saying good things about his seminar but he did not teach any thing useful other than some hypnosis techniques to relax. ( Do not buy Paul Scheel's photoreading ) Other than that I also got a book called Dummy's guide to speed reading which I'll be reading and also Howard Berg's program mega speed reading which teaches some good skills.

    Here's a great guy that teaches everything for absolutely free.

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