Pity Magic Isn't as Easy as Music

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. i didnt think this thread would last this long.

    kind of bummed i didnt pay closer attention oh well
  2. I'm not twisting your words. I'm trying to provide examples of pop stars that are insanely talented.

  3. Whoops, didn't know we were talking about pop music. But still, Radiohead is amazing.
  4. Some of those pop stars have a natural vocal talent and that's what gets them in the industry.
    I agree with having an awesome producer because we worked with a local producer here in Vegas and he made our singer sound 5x's better.
    Not many pop stars play an instrument and if they do they just know the basic stuff. I'm not saying that doesn't make you talented but it's not "insanely talented"
  5. I agree. Although, I think the older albums are a lot better.
  6. There's so much more to talent than being able to play an instrument. There's song writing, there's performance, there's audience interaction, etc. Hell, you could easily argue that just staying in the public eye is a talent. Look at Paris Hilton. She's famous, because she's famous. She's very good at being in the public eye, even without any discernable skills as far as I can see.
  7. The original intent of this thread was the simplicity of pop music nowadays, specifically the fact that most pop music uses the same tired, 4 chord formula. The OP was musing that it should be easy to get a name because of the 4 chord formula, irrelevant to anything about song writing, performance, interaction, publicity, etc.
  8. That's true. Despite being the Hilton's daughter but isn't she famous for the xxx-rated videotape she made? She's good at being in the public eye because she wants the attention..I'm guessing.
  9. Celebrities are people famous for being well known.

    I did not take this video as any slam against musicians. It's actually just an amusing way of calling a conventional practice into our attention.

    The blues is a 12 bar chord progression with only a handful of chords, yet it is the artists skill in being able to create beauty within that limitation that speaks to his or her genius.

    Ironically, this is an old joke and I have been told various comedy groups have their own versions of it.
  10. True but as the famous quote says, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society."

    When I look at music today, it makes me not want to be a famous musician, cause that would pretty much mean I am generic and crappy.
  11. You could be like metallica,Andrew Lloyd webber,Deep purple,Led zeppelin and The black eyed peas and steal original crap and get rich off it.
  12. It is easy now a days!! come up with a gimmick, use autotune and sing-talk.
    Do it the Kesha way.
  13. Or just wear really out there outfits, be a female, and show off 90% of your body like Lady GaGa
  14. 90% only? You'll go nowhere with THAT nowadays.
  15. Yeah. Justin Bieber. Lady gaga and Ke$ha

    I mean those are like the top dogs right now, where you talking about them?
  16. Okay... Ke$ha really? I can't take anyone seriously if they spell their name with symbols. Doubly so for a $ as an S.
  17. You've been on Cracked, haven't you? :p
    Really though, this is a great example. Led Zeppelin supposedly stole the riff for Stairway to Heaven from a band called Spirit. So why is it that Led Zeppelin is famous, and Spirit (correct me if I'm wrong here, but I've never heard of them) isn't? I'd say it's probably because everything Led Zeppelin does has the distinctive Page sounding guitar riffs and solos, and Plant takes his vocal work to the next level. All the songs the band did (stolen or not) they made their own and did it in a way nobody else had and nobody else could compare to. This is where magic needs to be. There's nothing wrong with buying and using other people's material, as long as, whatever you do with it, you make it original and you make it yours.

  18. I hate to say this because i seriously hate her music, but Lady Gaga is pretty talanted.

    I saw her show a few weeks ago and it was one of the most impressive shows i have ever been to.
  19. Really? How was her tone/diction/enunciation? Was her belting controlled? How was her phrasing? Did she manage her breathing effectively? How was her rhythm? Was her head voice as strong as it is in studio?

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