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  1. Ok I just looked at Psychokinetic Touches by Banacheck but Penguin can't get it and MJM isn't sure on the availability. Does anyone know where I can get that manuscript?
  2. Thanks Keo
  3. Not a problem J, I think that is his "magicians" Website.
  4. Well my friend just proceeded to tell me how it worked before I bought it. I'm still going to buy the booklet but I'll admit I was disappointed but I'll get over it. There was like a $300 version of this but I can't remember where I saw it.
  5. yeah the Three hundred dollar version is called Real Ghost.

    I really would recommend it to actual working performers because it is A) espensive B) Electronis C) So good it shouldn't be done close up.

    I do believe there is a DVD under the name Invisible Touches that teaches the routine. Not to sure though and yes I completely recommend if you want to perform this, buy the booklet.
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    Damn I knew it had ghost in the title. I'm doing the pk touch on stage before I go into my prediction routine that uses a bf and gf.
  7. Yes, Lior Manor has a product called Invisible Touches.

    PK Touches is simple, but there's a reason it's one of the most popular parlour/stage effects to perform.

    And yes, that's Banachek's site for his products.
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    I really don't care how simple things are. I try to think about the power of the effect in the audiences eyes above all else. I actually think I'm going to get Shivers in addition to Pk Touches.
  9. Banachek (and a lot of other top pros) use the "simple" pk touches in their shows. You also might want to check out "Invisible Touches" by Lior Manor, which takes the effect much further.
  10. i already have but it doesn't teach pk touches. I'm going to get Shivers, Pk Touches and Garden of the Strange tomorrow so I'll post a review of the first two
  11. Shivers is a cool book, lots of different ideas and methods PK touches, I got sent the ebook version when it came out - Really good stuff!

  12. I could tell Shivers would be really cool. It reminded be of how bad I wanted to do a seance routine on Halloween and scare the **** out of my friends. I'm probably not going to do a PK Touch effect before the confab routine because it doesn't flow very well I don't think.

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