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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blue shirt, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. i say if u want to do a trick, an excellent one that u can use is rich ferguson's Tagged. just walk up to her and say "can i ask u something?" then reveal the message on her arm
  2. You know what.
    Just dont do magic when asking her out.period
    No matter what you do its going to seem cheesy.And she's going to think your whole relationship(if you ask her to be your girlfriend) is going to revolve around magic and its
    I recommend you dont do magic when asking her out
  3. Back in my day the Magic happened after prom, not before it.
  4. Thats wassup
  5. And in the back of a steamed up Chevy Malibu with footprints on the windows.

  6. Do. not. do. a. trick.

    Don't.. I'm serious.

    Make it special.. as simple as taking her to a dinner and a movie, then telling her how awesome it would be to go with her.

    I would also ask between 5 to 3 weeks before hand. Don't do it too far in advance. She might get sick of you and say JUST KIDDING I don't want to go with you... I've had a better offer.

    In the mean time, learn to feel comfortable on the dance floor and practice some dance moves. You don't want to ruin her prom by being a wall flower, or "that guy" that does voluntary card tricks to everyone making her wait for you and watch you do the same thing over and over again. Trust me... it can only end bad if that happens.

    That said. Have fun and be safe!


  7. Have fun and be safe??

  8. Like don't drink and drive, wear your seatbelt, tie your shoes so you don't trip...

    Ya know... the usual.

  9. Ahhh just checking :)
    Those shoelaces can be killers

  10. Ther you go,take katies advance.
    I seriously advise against doing magic to ask her out.
  11. I wouldn't have cards on me at a Prom... Do some tricks with the scenary. Like Color Changing Confetti :S. Or make a glass of punch into Alcoholic Punch lol. If you have the UV Scorpian, use it. It will be dark-ish so it would look great. Do some effects that are impromptu and hard hitting. But have a good time as well.

  12. I hope you are are Joking... ENJOY prom... don't work it.. especially if you are not hired, and happen to be on a "date".

  13. Yeah, true. Magic's more of an informal thing unless you're getting paid for it
  14. I thought he wanted to be someguy who did tricks all night or something. I would never do magic tricks at a Prom, I do have a life. I just gave him some ideas.

  15. I'd say no magic for your prom, its more about having fun with friends/date.
    Though, you could always do something impromtu, if someone one asks, but everyone should be too busy dancing and having fun.
  16. being creative and fancy for your Wedding!!!!!:p
  17. Spike the punch! Bring in a bunch of mini shots that you get at the liquor store for $2 and just do it! :p

    P.S. I didn't just tell you that...I was only joking. *wink* *wink*
  18. I don't think magic is right for this situation. just be your self.
  19. Some of your responses are pretty funny XD

    I'm not asking her out to be my girlfriend, it's prom. And in response to someone who said she might want to go with someone else who's more popular, she's not a cheerleader; she's in my tier on the social ladder :p Does the thing about prom vs. girlfriend make a difference?
  20. I agree with Katie here. Its one thing to ask some out to prom using magic, but to just perform magic at prom.... Jeez put the magic away for a few minutes and actually enjoy life for a bit.


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