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  1. I know some of these have already been answered, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to have them all in one place.

    1. Is Pressure impromptu?

    2. Can everything be inspected afterward? Is there cleanup?

    3. How much will Pressure cost?

    4. Can one put other things into the balloon, like a ring or a wallet perhaps?

    5. Does it have to be a specific type of balloon or shape phone?

    6. Does it work with both latex and rubber balloons?

    7. Are multiple handlings and applications covered in the DVD?

    8. Can the balloon be re-inflated with the phone inside?
  2. Even though it has not been released, i will do my best.
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. 24.95 - 39.95
    4. Yes, such as cards or boxes.
    5. No any balloon or phone will work
    6. Yes, any balloon - even borrowed.
    7. Yes
    8. Yes

    When it is released, Im coming back to see how close i was.
    by the way, we know as much or as little as you do, so our guess is as good as yours.
  3. lots of these were answered in the SNC video.
  4. That's maybe a bit to many questions. Not saying you are trying to figure out method, but anyways. From the SNC it is completely impromptu and the stuff is signable. All the info I know now.
  5. Bit odd, but can we use a condom?

    Dont ask. Just, Dont. LOL
  6. probably. anything that can be inflated.
  7. That's what she said.

    Sorry, had to.
  8. That is also what she said. don't really know how that one works.
  9. She seems to say alot.

    Anyway back on topic, Pressure.

  10. killed me .
  11. It can't be used with a condom. I thought about it too.
  12. Too bad, i guess magicians still wont have anything to use them for.
  13. Yeah, pretty much all the questions were answered in the SNC video.
  14. I am not a mod but there are young kids on here you guys should not be talking about that.
    Keep it g-rated.
  15. I am sorry if we offended you, just cover your eyes next time.
  16. I don't know if this has been addressed anywhere, but is the phone covered in spit from the balloon after?

  17. What condoms?

    So you're telling me Music videos completely Highlight sexual acts, drug taking and uhh. sexual acts is not really offending you- but mentioning of condoms does?

    Anyways- i dont see why not, it can be inflated.
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    speak for yourself

  19. Oh man... I could not be laughing harder.

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