Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geraint2k2, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. You're asking for advice from a crowd that thinks juxtaposing Daniel Garcia with ninjas is the pinnacle of comedy. What did you expect?

    Anyway, an interesting effect. And, the editing aside, at least the framing here was closer to competence than normal.

    What context do you put this is? I'd much rather see a video of an actual performance so I can get a better idea of how this works into a routine and what motivation you've created for it.

    I vote just a mass deletion on the people acting like unfunny twits. Why make the good suffer for a bunch of self-diagnosed Asperger's children?

    Frankly I'd be happy if the forum just left the comedy to me. Everyone knows that I have the highest rate of lulz per gallon (of Scotch).
  2. Haha i think i realized that after my last joke, what with all the crickets churping. Thats why i went back to being productive and awaiting the next rip roaring riot that you caused with another joke from that goldmine keyboard of yours.
  3. Okay you are either joking or talking seriously. If you are talking seriously then you obviously dont have a Character and dont even realize the effect a haircut can give to a character.


    Ps. Im not a fan but it looked good, i liked the closing of the lid but you should make the opening part smooth too, although that might take away from the mistic part of it.

    But nice dude!

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