Psycho - Box Monster Inspired Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Geraint2k2, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. You forgot my old hairstyle...

  2. Dude your killing me!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!
  3. I think chicks doing flourishes is cool!!! :D
  4. I'm not smiling :mad:
  5. The attention span of this thread flew like a rocket.
    went from critiquing an effect to laughing at edited photos.
  6. You have to admit it though, it's some funny sh*t!
  7. Ooooo i got another one:

    I wouldn't even have to try to pickpocket Apollo Robbins. All i need to do is ask him for his money, and because of the shoes and hair -- he will be nodding "Yes"

    Think about it...
  8. yeah,its not funny more. If you have to think about it,even less so.
    (wasnt funny to begin with)
    Can we get this thread back to what actually matters?
  9. Speak well you do. Engrish sekun rangrage?
  10. You have no sense of humor! What are you trying to impress to become a moderator?
  11. There is nothing funny about it though. Jokes at other peoples expense never interests me.
    Dont you think we have enough pointless posts in these forums?Which take up 90% percent of this damn place.
  12. Okay you're reminding me alot of the old man down the street sitting on his porch with a shotgun, and its kinda creepin me out.

    I don't intend on angering people, but in all fairness you do have a choice whether to read my posts or not, you are warned by the name above the post before having to scroll down any further. I even have my name at the bottom of my signature just in case you're scrolling up!

    And for the record, your past several posts haven't been beneficial to the discussion of the trick. You're attempting to do a job that wasn't designated to you. If that logic played out in the real world then i would be a doctor AND a lawyer.
  13. Thanks to VisualArtist for trying to get this thread back on track.

    ... although there is no use, can some mods just delete this thread please !
  14. Getting back on to topic, as this isn't or shouldn't be a forum where you fill threads with mindless comments which are neither constructive or relevant.

    I like the effect, mainly because, there is no gimmicks. This is rare for card rise, out of a box that looks as good as this.

    However the editing needs to be worked on but as for a first attempt, it's pretty good. Geraint, you show a good understanding of some of the key elements regarding editing style. On the other hand, there are some things that need to be worked up on i.e the amount of text on the screen.


  15. I like it. I'd really like to see a straight-through performance, though. Though you say it's impromptu and all that, the cutaways make it seem like you're doing the difficult work behind a cut because you can't get away with it while being watched.

    But, if it's as clean as it seems to be, I'd seriously considering paying for a trick like that.
  16. Yeah guys c'mon. It's ok to make a joke, but make a useful post to go along with it.
  17. I do not recall anyone responding to this. I feel like working with this idea can make a really neat trick, as the video itself actually has lots of potential.

    To restate what i'm saying:

    Start with them picking a card and putting it back in the deck. You put the deck in the box, let them examine it, and then when you take the box back, it opens itself, the card rises, and then lowers back into the box and closes itself.

    Now if that can be done, it would truly be amazing.
  18. That is entirely possible.
    The method allows it :)
  19. Sweet. That means make a video of it, i really wanna see it. Just imagine the patter that can go along with that. If you're creative enough, you can really personify the card.
  20. Is the "rise" part the same as in expert card technique?

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