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  1. Never give up! Criss Angel is theorized to have given up lol! Look at him, now all he uses is camera tricks and stooges! Don't join him!:D
  2. You only can't if you say you can't.

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    Hey man. I know how you feel (sorry. I know how much I hate people saying that to me. But, it's true). -Sigh-. Ok. time for an essay at 11:23.

    When I first started flourishing, I wasn't good. I know you may think "Oh course you weren't good. No one was." But, I was beyond bad. I would spend weeks on the pivot cut until I finally got it down after about, probably, over 200 hours of practice on that one move. Yeah. I was bad. I don't have the gift some other flourishers do. I wasn't born with the hands. I've been flourishing for about...2 years now. And, I'm not near as good as some of the guys flourishing for only 6 months. Some people learn a move and are able to master it in a week. As for me, I spend FOREVER mastering moves. What am I trying to say? Well. Maybe you are like me. You don't have that gift some other people do. I know how frustrating it is to watch a video of someone flourishing for 1 year and can do the moves you've worked on for so long 20 times better than you. This has happened to me many times. It gets me down. I get angry at myself. Why am I not as good? I put in more practice and it never shows.

    So, you need to understand. Some people aren't born with the abilty to flourish. But, if you continue to work and find insparation, you can get by. I did.

    I know this post seems like a sob story about me, but please. Take the time to think about this. If you still want to quit, you have my 110% support.

    Take care.
  4. DannyT.......What can you do?
    Can you one handed shuffle, charlier, fans, thumb cut, sybil, spring, etc........?
    What do you wan't to accomplish with flourishing?
    What are you willing to do to get there?
    How much time are you willing to spend doing it?

    My advice is to ask yourself questions.......and pursue the answers.;)
  5. 1st off, I want say that I'm shocked to how many people replied to this thread.
    I thought I was going to get replies saying to get outta here if you wanna quit.
    Thanks for the caring words everyone.

    Truth is I love cardistry.
    I love watching the videos all you guys make and how smooth you guys do it.
    It amazes me how you all handle cards.

    After watching a cardistry video, it inspires me to learn more and pop in the Trilogy disk to try to get 1 down. But it usually ends with me getting too confused and blaming it on the teaching.

    Your idea of picking and choosing what flourishes I would want to learn is a good one. Just because I can't perform a certain flourish and someone else can, doesn't mean I'm bad. Thanks for you advice.

    Jon Divine,
    Thanks for the kind words, it makes me feel a little better to know that people in my magic community care.
    I'll take your's and Cadillac6595's advice to keep practicing.
    Thanks again.

    It makes me feel a lot better to know that you have learned all cobras in 1 time, and couldn't do any flourishes from the Trilogy either. I'm glad I'm not the only 1. It makes me know that this stuff is challenging and it's not just me, because I've seen a lot of flourishing videos from the Trilogy with kids doing cuts like it's nothing. So thank you.

    Thanks for sharing the learning technique that you've used to help out with cardistry. I'll be sure to try it out and hopefully I'll be making some progress. I'll be sure to put dedication into it.

    I was thinking of posting a video to ask what people suggest for me and feedback on how to improve, but I'm afraid it would only lead to bad comments, low ratings, and embarrassment. -and who needs that. Especially with me because I have a low self esteem anyway, so it would be more of a "kick me while I'm down" kinda thing.

    I love your examples!
    Thanks for putting it into perspective for me.
    BTW, Toy Story was an awesome movie.

    Michael Nasello,
    "you only can't if you say you can't"

    Simple, but effective.
    Your absolutely right.
    Keeping a positive attitude and concentrating on what I want to accomplish plays a big role. This will not only stay with me for flourishing, but through life itself. Thanks for the pure words.

    Someone just like me. For me to learn a new flourish, it take a long long time.
    And yeah, watching others do it is a real downer at times. Especially kids younger than me. When I see them doing cuts I could never do, it makes me want to put down a deck and wonder if I'll ever be that good and start to question myself at what I'm doing.
    I don't know, maybe I just have to sleep on it for awhile.

    Sure thing. I could do some flourishes, but not any of the good one's.
    I'm not nearly as good as I want to be.
    I want to be able to handle cards like it's second nature.
    I've tried a lot to be good at cardistry, but I can't get moves down, cards to flow, move hands fast enough, etc.
    Time, not too sure.
    How long does the less than average person spend learning cardistry a day?
  6. Are you kidding me man? How many Dan and Dave's are there out there?? A ton, they just don't come on this particular forum for certain reasons which I know of and they are as good, better, or on their way to becoming extremely talented cardists. (many of them are young, and by the time they are D&D's age, they will be just as good or better.) I'll just name a few off the top of my head: Bone, Kevin, Huron, Daren, Elijah, Sebastian, Felix, Tical, Pierre Tran, Fiddlingsteve, Scott, Sean, Dmitri, Mat, Maxime, Jonas, 7heart, Aristotlee, Fattywarbucks (if he still does cardistry), Artwo, Bown, Jaspas, Richard, David Blanch, Luka, Brendan Conner, Abe, Baconsizzler, Andrei, Katie Eglieston, Nebelufuchs......... as you can see there's tons of those people out there...

    Although I can understand why you would not think so, there's so many people that mock this art by practicing for 3 weeks and releasing a video, it's hard to see through all that gunk to find the one's truly practicing and really getting it.
  7. As you highlighted in your post - good points from everyone.
    At the moment I desperatly want the Trilogy, although I'm sure it will be very difficult and will frustrate me. But Just go on Decknique or youtube, go to those with a good reputation and pick and choose what you want to learn. I haven't got any Cardistry DVD's. I first saw Dan and Dave on youtube, ended up on Kevin Ho's profile and that's how I got started.

    Also when you are watching TV, sitting at the computer, even reading a quick forum post. Have cards in your hands. Whenever I read a thread I'm scrolling down with one hand and doing a charlier or revolution cut with the other.

    Also take cards everywhere. A bus, train, car journey really helps.

    Try to create your own flourishes as well, this really helped me as I only had online material and no DVD's to work with. If you know the basic grips just mess around, come up with something, re-fine it, I've tried loads of things and I've got two of my own cuts I do a lot and a utility move.

    Good luck, whatever your decision I hope you are happy with it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it helps/helped.

  8. I hate these kind of threads. They make me tear :( And the Toy Story reference, I just broke down sobbing.

    Okay, back on topic, if you don't have it, you probably want to get Xtreme Beginners. I know, it's De'vo, blah blah, the manicure section is crap, etc.-- Don't listen to them. You'll learn a lot. Also, try this: http://youtube.com/4JacksFort then try YouTube & DnD.

    Practice one little step at a time. If you're having trouble with it, take a few days to practice it. Never say never. Hope you don't quit. :(
  9. There are some things you just can't do. Not because you don't want it, but it's just bound to be impossible. My thumb is too short to reach across the pack. I cannot cut the deck that way. I want to, but genetics are a fickle female dog sometimes.

    I know that I am not going to post videos of myself on here, nor do I intend to sprinkle any more flourishes into my magic than I already do, so for me I'm ok not being able to do a lot of the tougher stuff.

    And just to note, quitting does wonders for smokers and alcoholics, so quitters do get ahead in life sometimes. Still, I know what you mean.

  10. No one is born a genius, don't be too hard on yourself. Don't take your learning speed to gauge your level, let your level of happiness by doing it (flourishing) be an indication whether this activity suits you. =)

    In short, don't quit so quickly. Have fun, treat things with a light heart and practice.

    All the best,
  11. I personally found Molecule 4 impossible at first, I just couldnt work out how the hell that packet was supposed to roate under the deck right at the start, it just didn't work. Other people found this cut one of the easiest on the discs. If you get stuck with one flourish, don't feel bad to move on if you are getting frustrated. It's better to move on than to give up and get mad. I found trying the simpler things from Jackson 5 such as the Sybil or the Skater Cut can be nice simple things. Eko is kinda simple too if you can get the rotations down.

    It's strange how you build your skills to bigger flourishes, I think I learned the flourishy start of the Jones change, this taught me the rotating between thumb and middle finger bit, which then went on to let me do Molecule 3, which then let me do Phase 2 of Pandora and Eko much easier. It's really just about finding little things and then when you get to the big things they become really easy, or you can try tackling something really hard, then once you get it, he easier things are effortless :p
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    if you quite ill sing and you dont want that lol....

    seriously, Im also kinda crap at flourishing to (im not very good at spelling by the way) and I started with the second disk of trilogy and thats all I have, in flroushing (sp.) and so far after like 5 months I can do the akira (try it its not that hard I think), and about them kids who can do it awsomly, Im a kid like them so for some motivation I can make a video of me flourishing.
    (you will laugh), and also these kids probabbly practice like ALL the time and at school and stuff and because you said your older than them im sure you dont have so much time as them (no offence to them or anything if thats what it sounds like).

    also iv heard that disk three is good for flourishing begining stuff...

    hope ive helped

    from meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (please dont edit the meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I like it like that lol)
  13. Don't Quit
    Not Before you pick Brian Tudor's ShowOff
    Thats were I started
    That Video has all the Fundamentals to Todays Flourishes
    You made a mistake by picking The Trilogy as your First
  14. I honestly mean this as friendly advice:

    Stop hocking Brian Tudor's material. He doesn't need you to do it, he's able to sell himself with the skills you admire so much.

    People would take you more seriously if you stop schilling for Brian Tudor.
  15. there are so many videos out there aside from the trilogy.. you can try and practice all of them if you want.. ask this to yourself.. you've been to cardistry for how long?? and before dan and dave released or perfected the trilogy, how long does it take.. try to think of it.. before you can do anything, you need to start with nothing... even the buck twins started with the charlier cut and they can admit that... its hard at first but if you give yourself time to practice then maybe after a day or a week, that's easy...

    give yourself a chance... :) :) :)
  16. The Trilogy wasn't the first I started out with.
    What got me into flourishing was the system. I worked really hard with that and could do a good amount of what they taught.

    But when I bought the Trilogy, they were far more challenging.
    The only 1 I can do from there is Akira, and no I didn't perfect it. (It's hard to swing the cards around the pack clipped between 2 fingers without cards flying everywhere.)

    When I see someone do eko or something perfectly, that I've been trying really hard to do, it makes me think I'm doing something wrong and that I should just quit because I'll never be that good.

    Anyways, I'll try and give cardistry another shot.
    For the next week, I'll be trying to learn eko for the umpteen time.
    If I can't get it down or have a problem and need help with it, I'll know where to find you guys.
    Thanks guys for motivating me.

  17. Did you know Dan And Dave started with ShowOff
    Most of the flourishes in The System are Based on ShowOff
    After you master ShowOff start The Sytem And then The Trilogy
  18. Wow big deal the ohr and bad habit. Besides tudor didn't invent the ohr.
  19. Oh I beg to differ. ;)


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