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  1. yup. I was born....

    a nobody:(
  2. yeah well without them there would be no
    West Coast Chaos,
    False Sybil,
    Mary Jane,
    Revolution Erdnase,
    360 spider,

    thats 11 out of 14
    whats the big deal?

    "REV. is short for Brian Tudor's Revolution Cut,found in his video,ShowOff"
    Dan Or Dave Buck
    Five the Notes
  3. So quit. Why post about quitting?
  4. So we can find out who wants to get a cheap Triology copy over eBay.
  5. Do what you want. In the end that's what matters, aint' it?
    I am not that good at flourishing, but since I enjoy it, I try.
    It may not be impressive to serious flourishers, but for lay people, it flys
    I'm happy with that. So I kept doing it and I've gotten better, though still not that great at it.
    But if you don't like it, just quit. Simple as that.
  6. lol good point.
  7. Is there anybody out there that does everything opposite like me when flourishing?
    I try to follow along with the DVD, but it's so hard because they do everything different from me.
    I can't get phase 1 of Jackson 5.
    I just get too confused.
    Any help/words of advice?
  8. Stop crying and practice longer hours. When I was learning pandora I thought it was impossible. So what I did was whenever I had a deck of cards I would just play with pandora. In time you will see that you either have the wrong finger placements or you've been doing the flourish wrong. Just choose a flourish and play with it.
  9. I'm a lefty meaning I had to learn J5 and Pandora by doing the opposite and it is VERY difficult and at times discouraging but I love that feeling since I don't get it too often. When I finally learned it, I felt accomplished that I had learned something as complex while having to reverse every little motion. Not many people know what lefties have to go through in order to learn advanced two handed material. lol

    It's very difficult but don't give up...keep watching every little detail over and over, you will get it with time (lots of it) and patience (loooots of it).

    -Andrei Jikh
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    Yes, and without moldy bread there would be no penicillin.

    Also, the Revolution Cut wasn't created by Brian Tudor. It was only made popular by him.

    Erik's said the names of two magicians who have published material with the cut long before Brian Tudor ever came along. The names have since slipped my mind, so I suggest contacting him.

    Also, if you question Erik's ability to accurately credit magicians, you fail. At life. Forever.

    On Topic: I'm a lefty as well, and I had to learn every cut backwards. It's incredibly discouraging, but quitting just wasn't something I felt was right. I kept practicing (I'll be honest, I didn't practise as much as I should've). You'll eventually break through the beginner stage and things will come easier.
  11. I'm a lefty and I learned could do Pandora without any awkwardness the way it's taught :confused:
  12. devo, jerry, and the bucks didnt create flourishing, they merely popularized it. Point being, dont look down at some one because they didnt create something they helped popularize, which is what a lot of people here seem to do to tudor.
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    I believe you missed the point, by quite a long shot. You should go back and read Brian's other posts and then mine.

    But to save you the time, I'll explain.

    Brian said that without Brian Tudor, the Bucks couldn't have created the eleven cuts he stated, but they obviously could have, seeing as the OHR was created without the help of Tudor.
  14. I read brianationx's post, and I am depressed because people still havent realised he is a troll and argue with someone who has been banned from numerous sites for having numerous accounts and flinging bull****. I honestly thought people where smart enough not to bother with him.
  15. Engaging someone on their beliefs has nothing to do with intelligence, so you should definitely reconsider your post. I'm trying to have a discussion with Brian about his god, Brian Tudor, and personal faith, Tudorism. I don't need people telling me I lack intellectual capability for doing so. I mean, the guy obviously believes in every word he's typed, and he hasn't done anything to get himself banned, unless ignorance is punishable.

    Thanks for trying, anyway?
  16. I guess you didnt read my post. He has been banned from other sites and has argued the exact same topics on other sites, as he has on here, and still people know they wont get anywhere or into his head yet they stil argue.
  17. Thanks Andrei, at least some one knows where I'm coming from.
    I didn't realize you were a lefty too.
    Does this mean your flourishing DVD's would benefit lefty's??
    If that's true then 1) I'll be buying it no matter what, and 2) all righty's will know how challenging it is to learn everything opposite.

    Once again, thanks for the words of encouragement.

  18. Cheaptrick,

    I obviously read your posts. I wouldn't have bothered to reply if I hadn't. I won't be arsed to reply to every aspect of your post to please you.

    I don't care what he's done on other sites. Drop that, it's getting you nowhere. As for getting something through his head, you don't know what you're talking about. I've never once tried to get anything through his head, I've just presented him facts that go against what he says.

    I absolutely hate when I try to have discussions and people like you come in and try to police the situation. I don't care about what other people have done, or the outcome of their tryings.
  20. Sorry for my slight typo. Brian Tudor didn't create the OHR. Period. You are, however, correct in saying it would be less known without him. Despite what Tudor would like to believe, he didn't create it.

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