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  1. Thank you for posting this Andrei. I look at people such as you, Dan, Dave, Madison, Kevin Ho, and more as inspiration for practicing flourishes. It just amazes me. Thank you so much for this post. You make me want to crack out the Trilogy again. :)

  2. Watch this... then talk to me about quitting.

  3. I did earlier today.
    I liked it.
  4. I will agree with you though on the Trilogy. I have all the trouble in the world on these flourishes. The only flourish I have managed to learn successfully from the DVD is the Caraghan Fan. However, I was able to learn A LOT more easily from Dangerous. It all depends on your learning style. I will continue to work hard on the Flourishes and I recommend you do as well. Don't give up. :)

  5. Actually, there really is no big difference between the teaching style of d&D and Dm, dm's material is just plain easy, which is probably the reason you found it easier to learn it.
    There are two learning styles: patient, and impatient.
    One things for sure, you won't get far in this art with dedication and patience.
  6. Don't you mean without dedication and patience? :p
  7. Good news guys, I learned the skater cut, and after playing around with it for a couple days, I figured out a better way to start going into it and a better ending for it.
    I think I'm getting the hang at this.
    I might post a video up in a couple days to see what you guys think.
  8. If you want to be inspired to keep learning, buy the Werm. It was my first real flourish. It's easy to do, and the teaching is great.
  9. Oh come on! Just stop complaining, sit on your bottom, and practice. I have really small hands, and it's very hard for me... I actually curse D&D daily, cause it's so hard to get their flourishes done with my sort of hands.
    But I don't give up. It might take me years to do them smoothly, but I don't care. See, failure is just a temporary state, but giving up make this state permanent. A looser is not a person who can't do something, a looser is a person who gives up when he can't do something. Always keep trying, and you'll never be a looser.
    So chin up, and go do some flourishes.
  10. I haven't been complaining lately, have you read through m y last post??
    I said that I'm improving/ not complaining.

    I'm a little more advanced than that.
    I said I mastered most of the material in the system.
    Only thing is that last flourish, reverse something.
    Thanks anyway though.
  11. this made me lollerskate.

    as for the people saying "im a lefty so I had to reverse" WTF? just do the flourishes in both hands! :eek:
  12. DannyT, if you're capable of mastering the flourishes in the system, you should have no problem mastering flourishes in the trilogy. Just keep practicing, don't give up!
  13. It's a little more difficult if you try it.

    Take how you would learn a complicated flourish, then reverse the grip and hold the deck in the other hand and kinda reverse the actions.
    That's what we go through if you can understand that.

    Will do, my friend.
  14. lol NeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwOOOOOOOOOOOOO do not post a video in a couple of days unless you expect a 0/5... trust me, I've been there, you're gonna want to wait a long time before you release anything. People always take criticism more personally for some reason when they're a n00b.

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