Real Secrets of David Stone

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  1. Absolutely Amazing. Buy it.

    That is all.
  2. Longest review ever...

    joking aside...I think this deserves a more detailed`s such an amazing DVD for what I`ve heard...
  3. Actually i bought it and If you are looking to entertain magicians, the go ahead and buy it. If not then, don't. Its basic stuff, teaching how to use a couple of gimmicks. And how to be an tertainer and how to perfect your craft. I did get one effect that i liked which was a really impromptu invisible deck variation, with a normal deck.

    I still like it but if you are looking for the holy grail in magic, don't waiste your time....
  4. Its not about the tricks. Its about his thoughts and theorys on magic.

    I dont think you understand what this DVD is about.

  5. I said that, but i don't want these kids getting their hopes up over something that they think that will contain 15-20 some odd effects....

    I know exactly what its about...
  6. Great review! :p
  7. I wanted it :\ buy it for me?
  8. an EXCELLENT DVD. Stone is a very, very creative magician. His effects are simple, yet will blow you away! Buy this DVD, you won't be sorry. and also his Real Secrets of Magic Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are excellent. David Stone has always been my absolute favorite magician.
  9. I totally agree man. Eventhough, I try to be as original as possible, if I were to compare my performance style to one magician, it would definitely be David Stone, except minus the coins.. Haha. XD

    I was so satisfied with this DVD, its not even funny. There was so much valuable material on it. If your looking for a DVD that you'll learn a lot of material from, then this is not for you. But if your looking for valuable professional advice, then this is definitely for you. Since watching it, I've taken advice from David himself on his DVD, and incorporated it into some of my routines to improve them loads. I just can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this DVD. It was by far the best one that I've watched this year, and in the last few years to say the least. I might do a detailed review later this week. I'm not sure when, and even if I will, because I have to work everyday this week, but I will definitely try for sure.
  10. This DVD isn't about the tricks. It's about performing itself.

    It's about getting the most out your tricks really, and Stone get's A LOT from his tricks.

    Awesome buy!
  11. Buy it just to admire his beauty, if for no other reason. His face is worth its weight in gold.
    And his accent, the epitome of elegance.
  12. Best DVD ever..

    This DVD made a diference...

    It's the best DVD there is.
  13. This DVD has no new effects.
    It has no new concepts.
    To come to think of it, it has nothing new that you can add to your routines.
    But what it has, is emotion. Love, determination and elegance.

    Buy this, love this and do this.
    Im heading out on monday to tour the city again and see if i could get a place to let me perform every saturday.

    Thank you David, you did it again!

  14. I learnt some new effects.

  15. That means you aren't a big David Stone follower eh?
    Because everything on the DVD was his old stuff.

  16. I have Real Secrets of Magic 1 and 2.


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